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  1. Official Clutch Forum
    What size. Shim should I install
  2. General Discussion
    just wondering the iside and outside measurements on the shim to make my own or grab some washers that are the same size
  3. Official Clutch Forum
    This 3rd shift is driving me crazy. Got off this morning and said "hey what can I tinker with this morning" Well lets just put a shim in my little boys 350. Installed a 1mm shim and bolted everything back together and man was I surprised! Now i'm not doing wheelies by no means but I did notice...
  4. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    Just finished up the 1mm shim on my 450 Kodiak. For those thinking about this mod it costs about 4-8 bucks and gave me a noticeable difference in low end torque. So in layman's terms it "Sets Ya Back" a little better. Also replaced my belt so that could have a little to do with it. Really no big...
1-4 of 4 Results