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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys, just joined and after a long time of riding, I finally got my own Grizzly. Only catch is, in order to not end up paying child support (lol) I actually got a 2006 660 for free. It's a fixer upper, ready for mud, snorkeled, and I started tearing it down last night. It actually runs, but...
  2. Industry News
    The timing couldn't have been better for Ricochet Offroad to introduce their Complete Skid Plate Set with the new UHMW option for the redesigned 2014 Kawasaki Teryx 800. Especially for me since they released it shortly after I picked up my brand new 2014 Kawasaki Teryx 800 2 seater! The Teryx...
  3. Official Clutch Forum
    Well, this was actually a few weeks back. I know some of you have seen it already on the "other site". I had someone here asking about it and I also noticed a few people who either have them or are considering getting a kit from James. Hopefully this will help. I just installed a JBS Hot Rod...
  4. Pictures & Videos
    Thought I'd drop a few clips of the first ride of the year. Eagle Canyon.wmv - YouTube :s_good:
  5. Pictures & Videos
    Took my tracks off a week ago and got the bike ready for some serious dirt rid'in this year ... I hope. :cool: I changed the front & rear diff fluids, the gear box fluid, engine oil, filter, put on a new belt (try'in a Gates G-Force this time), new plugs, greased the Bad Boy, and then put...
  6. Pictures & Videos
    Looking for pics of the 1st gen grizzly. I just got one and i wanted to see what you guys had. Seems like a rare model cant find many pics of them on the internet. looking for ideas like a black on black. or back to stock beige military look. give it a k5 chevy look.
  7. Pictures & Videos
    Just trying out the new corel x4 pro ultimate footage of the 2011 season..
  8. Pictures & Videos
    Ok guys and Gals what ya think. I filmed in 720p action with the contourHD..Had to cut a few corners when loading to youtube due to my weak Inet which I plan to replace soon..Still came out ok..This is awesome fun and have some learnings to do..But this is my first ever vid inside...
  9. Pictures & Videos
    OK, Ok ... my new bike isn't a Grizz ... but I rode with a tracked grizz on this ride so ... :tongueout2: Last weekend we had a pretty good storm go thru & the mountains got a pretty good dusting of snow. So a friend & I decided to go see how just how much snow was up there. :bravo_2...
  10. General Discussion
    will be up there on friday night and gonna ride all day and leave sunday morning -- was wondering if any Grizzly riders will be in the area to say hello or maybe ride along ? we are gonna be camping out -- sleeping in my enclosed trailer on , on the floor -- there is 4 of us from NJ...
  11. Pictures & Videos
    Well I got it loaded and its washed out looks like crap, not sure why it looks and ran awesome on my end..any taughts or info would be appreciated. .. 07450grizzandcontourhd1080pridingsouthernstyle.mp4 video by liq_02 - Photobucket
  12. General Discussion
    How much have you guys (and gals) been paying at the dealerships for the 200 mile (1st) service? They say it depends on the model; mine is a 2010 Grizz-700 and the want $285.00. Includes everything on the 200 mile bracket in the service manual. Thanks for the replies and have a great weekend...
  13. Pictures & Videos
    On March 2nd, I was on my 1st official day of retirement .... :whoo: .... and since the wife had to tend to kids in her daycare .... I did the next best thing to celebrate ...... I WENT TRACK'IN !!! :thewave: And it was a GREAT DAY TOO !!! :D ........ Started out cool with the sun...
  14. Pictures & Videos
    Well, after hours of messing around with the "free" downloadable editing software I am willing to share my first-ever video post! Be honest and tell me what you think... I already have plans to change a couple things on my next outing, but at this point at least I am makin' video :clap:
  15. Pictures & Videos
    whoops! nevermind.
  16. Pictures & Videos
    Santa brought me a helmet cam, so i spent a little time taking a quick ride and then putting this together. the camera is a Tachyon XC HD 2011 Tachyon XC HD Helmet Cam - The World's Toughest Helmet Camera goes HD and the software i found is Videopad. i downloaded it for free from Video...
  17. Pictures & Videos
    stupid computer......
  18. Pictures & Videos
    More for a test I threw this together. If your are prone to seizures you may want to pass on watching this cause my leds are acting like strobe It was about -5 with the wind chill and we are getting some nice 50 mph gusts also. Road for about 3 hours and pretty much couldn't...
  19. Pictures & Videos
    Here's a video from yesterdays ride. Not sure it's as good as I would of liked ... but so ?? :bashcomputer: Anyway, hope ya all enjoy it !! :braceface: :s_bye2:
1-20 of 29 Results