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  1. Parts For Sale
    I have my stock 2008 Grizzly 700 set in Hunter Green. I bought the quad off of my friend about 5+ years ago. The day he bought the the quad (brand new) our other friend rolled it. This put a few scratches on the plastics and a few stress marks. The buddy that rolled it felt bad and went out and...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I had a engine rod go out on my 2008 Yamaha grizzly 700. What should I do now?
  3. New Member Introductions
    What is the best fix, besides buying a new one for a bent front carrier bumper on my grizzly 350 IRS 4 x 4? Right side hit tree,..anyone selling used parts on this site? Thanks in advance. Mark
  4. Custom Accessories
    here is a couple of pics of my custom front bumper (with some usage) and my custom 2" full flow snorkels
  5. Grizzly Tech Tips
    My friend dropped off his grizzly to repair because it will crank over and start and almost always immediately stall. Every once in a while it will run and idle for 15 seconds and stall. Sometimes it wont start at all, just turn over. No codes except for the EPS speed sensor, which I don't think...
  6. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    Howdy all, A friend of mine just purchased a 2008 Big Bear 350, the guy that owned it just used it for plowing snow so there aren't very many miles on it. It is not liquid cooled, is there anything that he needs to be concerned about with this machine? it seems to be in pretty good shape...
  7. Parts For Sale
    $250 . never used..was removed in 08 at the dealers. been hanging in my shed since. can mail for extra. EMAIL me your address and i will wrap it and take to post office for a price to send. [email protected]
  8. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    just want someone to verify my conclusions and i would appreciate any recommendations for parts. just bought my atv, is a 2008 grizz 450 4x4. guy i bought it from just installed a new battery, looked clean and not abused. i rode it around for 30 minutes or so and nothing seemed odd and...
  9. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Good afternoon gents! I've been tasked with doing some repair work to my father in laws 08 grizzly and have a few weeks before deer season to finish it up. I'm have one HECK of a time finding any repair information on the net for this thing. The biggest problem is the rear drive shaft, the...
  10. ATVs For Sale
    2008 Grizzly 700 EPS: Approximately 13,700 miles. Not running: Needs crankshart positioning sensor (error code 12). Haul it away for $500 cash FIRM. Have all personal service records. One owner! Lake Havasu City, AZ.
  11. Grizzly Snorkeling
    What are your opinions do a full snorkel or just for the belt. I don't want to run into problems doing everything. I have. DG slip on exhaust and a dyno performance chip and K&N air filter. If I snorkel it should I go back to a foam filter? What's all your thoughts.
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys- new to this forum- I bought a 2008 Grizzly for my daughter. Works great, been riding everywhere- then all of a sudden- it stopped running. Could not get the green neutral light to come on. It will go into neutral and roll, just no light which means no start. Even with handbrake...
  13. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Hey all, Have got all 3 rear seals leaking on my '08 450 w/IRS. Drained it, filled fresh, blew out the vent tube and they were still leaking. Ordered the 3 seals and just thought I'd ask here first, what's the most efficient/easiest way to go about replacing these 3? On a side note...trying to...
  14. ATVs For Sale
    I have for sale a 2008 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS. It has lots of upgrades, full skid plates, solex bars with 3.5" rox risers, powermadd hand guards, 2r tip/traction rails/foot pegs, front and rear 2" receiver hitches wired for 3000 lb viper winch (included, removable), tamarack classic box, Yamaha...
  15. ATVs For Sale
    SOLD SOLD 2008 700 nps Trying to help a friend that's having to sell off some toys. He has a 2008 grizzly 700 nps bike has 28" mudlight's at 80% tread Viper classic 3000lb winch. Custom receiver hitch otherwise completely stock only has 419 miles and 177 hours on it never sunk or in deep mud...
  16. ATVs For Sale
    2008 Grizzly 700 Ducks Unlimited w/EPS. Atv has SS108 wheels in black with 26.5 Pitbull Rocker tires. Sheeve has been machined by AIRDAM. Atv has front basket rack and rear extended rack with treestand carrier (which can be removed). Also has front and back A arm guard by Richocet in black...
  17. New Member Introductions
    When I give the machine gas it feels like the brake is on although it's not. I checked the belt and it looks fine. Just had twins so I aint got much cash to take this thing to the shop. any help would be appreciated. I do have the service manual so I could probably dig into. Thanks
  18. General Discussion
    Folks, I'm interested in buying a service manual and parts manual for 2008 Griz 700. Tried links to Haynes, but no manual listed for 700. Yamaha sells on-line for $140. Retired & on a budget. With high cost to maintain by pros , I am forced to handle on my own. Thanks.
  19. General Discussion
    Hi all just joined up here but have read alot here and got good info so i joined :-) ive got a problem you might be able to help me with i added A 1" shock extention to my grizz and a 1.5 inch tire spacers sence the shock lift ive gottin a clicking noise comming from my ( I think its...
  20. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hello I have a 08 grizzly 700.It starts right up then stalls, after high idle for a few min,once back to normal idle it will stall out again?trying to restart it sometimes backfires?any idea on a fix for this? thanks for any help
1-20 of 45 Results