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  1. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    So, I've been wanting to put a K&N YA-3504 on my 2018 Kodiak for awhile now but K&N says they don't make one. Rocky Mountain Motorsports lists it as an available item that fits the Kodiak. I called them and they say it has been tested and works on that machine. Has anyone used this filter on...
  2. Grizzly Tech Tips
    hey guys, I just bought a 2012 grizzly 550 EPs from a friend last week. I changed the oil and I figured I would clean the air filter too. When I took the airbox apart all I saw in there was a crappy foam "filter" and the screen behind it. Is this normal? I expected to find a conical type filter...
  3. Grizzly Tech Tips
    i just thought i'd share that a king quad is the same one since the only way to buy on for a grizzly is to buy the whole throttle body. its $140 and a lot better than 600.. gr rules
  4. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    So I opened my airbox and took my filter out to clean it and i noticed there was oil in the bottom of my airbox..does anyone kno how the oil got in there?
  5. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hey guys, after a few hard rides it was rip down time, clean everything including the air filter. After I cleaned it, I noticed the tube coming out of the bottom of the air box. I pulled the plug, and was very surprised to see oil come out of it. Before the last ride, I changed my oil and...
  6. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hey lads, I have a stock (well, mostly stock) 04 660 and I was planning on doing an air box mod to let err breath better. If i do, should I rejet? what size jets should I use? when you rejet do you change the pilot, main and needle jets and where should the clip go in on the needle jet? One...
  7. Grizzly Talk
    Ok well I can admitt it but I'm a newbie to working on quads lol I no basic stuff and my question is probly a basic one but I still need help lol... Ok down to it, I just got a 2000 grizzly 600 ultramatic 4x4 and it seems to run great it starts rite up don't blow smoke everywhere lol. Pretty...
  8. Grizzly Snorkeling
    I don't really want to radically snorkel my 450. bu tthe cvt box gets water in it easily ... whats the easiest way to check cvt box breathers and / or possibly gain a little more 'breathing room' so to speak??
  9. Grizzly Tech Tips
    my local dealer didnt have a recharge kit for my 11 grizzly 700. would it be ok to clean and re oil my filter with the k&n kit?
  10. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hey folks, new to the board, so sorry if this is in the wrong area. I'll be ther first to admit, that I havent kept up with my Grizzly like I should, but I changed my oil & filter yesterday and afterwards, I popped off the lid for the air filter. I was in shock, the filter was drenched in a...
  11. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    So I bought a UNI filter for my 660 and it came with a new gasket that fits on the end of the guide that the filter slides over. The stock gasket was a bit worn and seeing as how UNI was nice enough to send along a new one I tore off the old and slapped on the new one only to find out that new...
  12. General Discussion
    Serviced my air filter Monday after the long dusty ride on Sunday [70 miles] and pulled a real bonehead!! The wind and dust was blowing so I put a rag in the throat of the carb, serviced the filter and put it on. Tried to move it today and it wouldn't run worth a darn plus the throttle wasn't...
  13. Grizzly Talk
    hey everyone, I was wondering if the factory air filter is decent or if I should look into a different one? I was shopping around online and shipping is expensive to AK. A lot of trails here are pretty dusty and I want the best protection for my grizzly. I thought I saw unifilter at the Yamaha...
  14. Grizzly Talk
    I'm needing to clean the air filter and not sure what kind of cleaner to get or where to get it. Is their a spray to apply after cleaning the filter?
  15. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    So I have exhaust, and will be ordering jets and a new air filter soon, but I am wonder if anyone has cut out their airbox lid and made their own high flow lid on the 450s? According to dynojet, their jet kids do not flow enough fuel to make up for this, so what can be done? I want a little...
  16. General Discussion
    Getting ready to put new air filter on Grizz. What does everyone prefer using, spraying the filter or soaking filter in oil and squeezing out excess?
  17. Industry News
    What an Adventure! Israelis, Floridians & U.S. Air Force Personnel Trek into Yellowst Staff Column by Jack Welch On Sunday, January 15th, I had the opportunity to join a guided group on the trek from West Yellowstone, Montana, to Old Faithful. Our guide was Gaylon Tibwell from Yellowstone...
  18. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    I run standard wheels and tires with 5.5 lbs pressure. I notice the pressure goes down to 3 lbs after a few days in the garage. anyone experience the same? Should I increase the pressure to 10 psi?
  19. Industry News
    BLUERIBBON COALITION PARTNER NEWS FLASH! REMINDER - The County Seat to air one-hour special on Utah Wilderness Dear BRC Action Alert Subscriber, We just wanted to remind everyone about the program update we blasted earlier this week from Chad Booth and the folks over at At Your Leisure. Chad...
  20. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Hey GR i am doing a air filter, oil filter, and oil change on my grizz. Whats a good brand of Filters and oil thanks