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  1. Trail Talk
    Looking to go to one of the anthracite riding parks . Do they have a daily passes if i buy the yearly from reading will it cover 3 ATV's. Its been along time since Ive been there . Have not made it to AOAA .Which one is better or Bigger.Thanks for any help with this .
  2. Industry News
    The Northumberland County Commissioners are proud to announce the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area project has come one step closer to a formal opening. The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources 2011 Community Conservation Partnerships Program grant awarded the Commissioners...
  3. Trail Talk
    Hey im going out there this saturday 11/5/2011 and have not been there before is anyone going there that day, that maybe wouldnt mind riding with 2 other guys?:boxing:
  4. Industry News
    Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area By OffRoadHub Published: 20th August 2011 Photos by: Alfonse Palaima Rider Lance Schwartz blasts out of the water...
  5. Trail Talk
    Seems like a few private investors are trying to open up a new atv/4x4/hunting area around 30 minutes north west of RAC. Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area This area includes WhaleBack and maybe the Windmills?
  6. General Discussion
    A buddy and I are going and try and make it out to Reading Anthracite in PA on Wednesday (3/24) if anyone else is interested. Or if anyone in northern Jersey wants to ride and has a place to go we are open to that too.
1-6 of 6 Results