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  1. General Discussion
    Below is a copy of a email I received this morning (to my junk mail). I thought it would be good to pass this info along in effort to prevent YOU from being scammed... NEVER click on the links provided in these types of emails, thats what (they) are hoping for, and thats how they get your info...
  2. Official Clutch Forum
    (UPDATE) me and mike have come to an agreement to replace the entire clutch due to faulty welds thanks for every ones help in determining the problem This is how mad mike fixes your cam plate. Completely destroyed my primary and secondary. I have pm'ed him with no reply, call him and got no...
  3. General Discussion
    had the almost 40 staples removed today and more x-rays .. all is going well !! i ended up with 7 screws and a plate. doc did have to remove a piece of bone also that was to small to screw back on. 3 breaks total , just from slipping and falling in my own driveway. some might find it gross...
1-3 of 4 Results