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  1. Grizzly Tech Tips
    I've read all the posts about removing the choke cable from the carb, but I've unscrewed the black nut on the carb and the inner of the cable is still attached inside. How can I disconnect please?
  2. Grizzly Talk
    Anyone ever had a hard time shifting there griz from park to whatever after being out on the lake ice fishing. A guy was telling me that he disconnected the cable so he didn't have to put the brake on to shift it. Just wondering if it's true or not.
  3. Grizzly Talk
    Hey all I was thinking about getting a cable stop for my Warn 2500 on my '05 Grizz 660. I guess I'm sick of taking the fairlead apart and straightening it out when I bring the hook in too far. I saw these rubber bumpers on Ebay and was just wondering if they help...and which one I should go...
  4. Grizzly Talk
    First post... I have a 2009 450 Grizzly. After plowing this winter I noticed no responce on the choke and it would not idle when it got warm. Plug was black and nasty. Removed carb, and what do you know, choke cable is rusted solid. I see it has a plunger but I can't get the darn thing out. Any...
  5. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    My 02 Grizzly has sat for a few years needing repairs and now the throttle system is jacked up. The throttle lever wouldnt move so i traced it back to where it goes into the carb and took off the cover. That flat piece that the cable connects to wouldnt move at all so I unhooked the throttle...
  6. General Discussion
    General thread for discussion of the steel winch cable subject...All comments and thoughts welcome. Is yours showing signs of corrosion? How long have you had it? How much has it been used before showing wear? What brand of winch do you have, and how long have you had it installed...
  7. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Has anyone had issues with thier parking brake cable freezing up so you can't get the grizzly out of park? This has been an issue with mine for a while now and it getting worse. What should I do to solve this issue? Should I just remove the cable or what?
  8. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Quick question, got a synthetic winch cable for the Warn on my Grizzly, pulled the cable off the spool, see that it goes inside the roller, do I have to remove the winch and disassemble it to put rope on? thanks for any info and tips on the procedure.:happybirthday3: oh,ya, and thanks for the...
  9. Grizzly Accessories
    Does anyone know exactly what you call the tool to crimp a new ferrule onto the winch cable? I've tried the hammer and chisel but it's not working out for me. Where can I purchase one? Thanks.
  10. General Discussion
    first off -- yes i know i have a broken leg , but i havent had it fixed yet (friday 1/14) so i just threw it up on the fender or let it rest easy on the peg - it is in a cast so -- well , 10 minutes into plowing and the cable snapped -- freaking junk -- pissed me off -- i did already know it...
  11. General Discussion
    Well about 2 weeks ago after i finished the rebuild i noticed the chock wasent working properly im like well i can rule out the cable cuz the end didnt want to go in the carb right so $25.00 later i got the new one! heres some pics
  12. Grizzly Talk
    Here is a picture of my low budget handy work. Aka, the wife won't let me spend any more money on the Grizz. I want my winch cable perfect for emergency winching. I would have liked a short synthetic cable, but had to settle with 1800lb mule tape. Lol.
  13. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Ok, so this weekend hunting was a bust due to the throttle cable finally giving up. After a field repair at SNIRT the cable finally won't retract anymore. I noticed several cracks in the sheath along the cable. So, now it is time to replace the entire cable. Who has replaced their throttle...
  14. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    I installed my Rox 5" risers and FLY Aero bars today. Upon testing everything out I am getting a pull on the throttle cable at full right lock. Any suggestion on rerouting the throttle cable? Also which end is it best to remove, at the TB or the at the thumb throttle? Thanks
  15. Grizzly Talk
    Hey guys, well i finally got my new quad out for a ride today. Everything was going great until a few hours into the ride i was turning a corner and the motor revved up on it own. I stopped and started playing with the cable and it would seem to rev up whether i would tug up or down on it. I...
  16. Parts For Sale
    $300 Warn XT25 Winch - Brand New in Retail Box, from Warn's current Extreme Terrain Series. Includes Synthetic Cable - No More Slivers or Frayed Cables!!! Works great for Snowplow - Retails for $489 Local pickup in Logan, UT 84321 or shipping is available for $25 to anywhere in lower 48...
  17. General Discussion
    hello does anyone know of anything to put over winch cable so it doesnt rub on plastic i am wanting to make a hook up on my front rack for winch cable so i or my fellow riders do not have to reach under water or mud to pull them out
1-18 of 18 Results