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    Trail Tech Bar Clamp With Pro Taper Contour Handlebar Combo Price: $139.99 Product Description: Steering stem and bar clamp combos include: -Bar, Pad and Bar Mounts Bar Clamp: -Designed for oversize (1-1/8") handlebars. -For most applications key switch and / or indicator lights are...
  2. Pictures & Videos
    Contour has updated its most popular action cam with the Roam 2. This message is sponsored by the campaign for a 2up Grizzly!!!
  3. Pictures & Videos
    The new and improved Contour+2 camera. Looks pretty good! This message is sponsored by the campaign for a 2up Grizzly!!!
  4. Looking to Buy
    Anyone lookin to sell a Contour HD 1300 - 1080p helmet cam thats in decent shape????(non gps)
  5. Pictures & Videos
    I am looking into getting a camera for use on my Grizz and ran into this comparison on YouTube. See the test and you can see the differences, it seems there are pros and cons for both. Kevin
  6. Industry News
    Off-Road Hub ---> Your Off-Road Information Engine
  7. General Classifieds
    !!!!SOLD!!!!I am selling a used (only once for testing) Contour Roam Camera, model #1600. It will come with the USB cable, 2 -Transcend class 4 - 32GB Micro SD cards, a flat surface mount (doesn't come standard with this new) a rotating flat surface mount and a profile mount. Asking $185.00...
  8. Industry News
    WORLD'S SMALLEST, MOST AFFORDABLE, LIVE-BROADCAST POV SOLUTION LAUNCHES AT CES LAS VEGAS, NV, (Consumer Electronics Show) - Jan 10, 2012 - Contour, (, a leader in making it easy to share epic moments with hands-free video, and Japanese-based Cerevo ( today...
  9. Pictures & Videos
    With the contour camera, how are you attaching it to your helmet? the thin mount "profile" rotating flat mount? Which and why? Pics!
  10. General Discussion
    On Amazon Add it to cart then add Promo Code: 89ROAM89 ContourROAM Hands-free HD Camcorder: Camera & Photo
  11. Pictures & Videos
    For you guys and gals using the Contour APP for your cellular, you need to update the camera firmware BEFORE you download the new phone APP upgrade or it will not work! (don't ask me how I know) :rolleyes: The APP (available at your APP store for free) works great letting you change camera...
  12. General Discussion
    Just got my Contour HD 1080 the other day and took it out today. This is the first HD cam I own (Drift X170 user). The settings are: Contour 720 HD in high quality. When I view them on my computer it looks that the video is stopping and going every second like when you blink your eyes all the...
  13. General Discussion
    Amazon has the ContourHd camera for there Lightning deal right now for $89 if anyone is in the market and can get it quick enough. Its also on sale for $99 at tigerdirect but has a $20 mail in rebate
  14. Pictures & Videos
    Took a ride the other day to test out the new Contour HD. I set it up with Butch's settings and the video came out great. Of course Youtube kills the quality of the vid but the original was crystal clear. Loving the Contour so far, just waiting on the 32GB card to come in. On another note, the...
  15. Pictures & Videos
    i want to get a better video camera to film my trail rides. i want to here some personal prefrences like wat camera u would get or wat camera do u have now and do u like it thanks
  16. Pictures & Videos
    What kind of recording times are you getting out of your Contour? I confess I have not used my camera very much... maybe 10 outings since I purchased it new last year. Im running the 1080p HD (model #1300?) and I've got the settings adjusted to record in "Action HD 720p" mode @ 60fps High...
  17. Pictures & Videos
    I don't have a picture to post, but one of my rider friends bought one of the Contour HD cams that have been on sale recently. Yesterday he installed it on his helmet and used it for the first time. All seemed to work flawlessly BUT, dust collected real quickly inside the clear rotating front...
  18. Electrical / Electronics / Lighting
    Contour Roam Hands Free HD Video Camera Review Part 1 Just when you thought Contour had laid all their cards on the table for this year after the announcement and release of the Contour + video camera a few short months ago, the folks at Contour pulled one last card from their sleeve. With a...
  19. General Discussion
    ContourROAM The completely camera from Contour is avail. right now. :D Cost less and it's waterproof (up to 1m) right from the box. Contour | Products | Contour Roam Here's the comparison with the other models from Contour: Contour | Products | Compare Cameras I noticed it has the 170* lens and...
  20. Pictures & Videos
    The new all new Contour ROAM is here and the best part is its water and mud proof out of the box for us ATV riders. Take a look! Contour | Products | Contour Roam
1-20 of 46 Results