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  1. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    I have a 1998 Yamaha Grizzly 600 YFM600FWA 4WV5-010 here with an overheating issue - the oil cooler fan is not turning on and eventually the Oil Temp red light is illuminating. I've read a number of old posts that indicate these run hot and gave some start points. So far I have: Tested that...
  2. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    our poor griz gets used a lot for pulling a trail mower and gets pretty warm, was wondering if anyone had experience with installing a bigger cooler and where would be a good place to get one.:smiley_confused1:
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi Cooler, welcome to the forum! Why not make this your first post and introduce yourself to us?
  4. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    The factory oil cooler on my griz is pretty much shot. All the fins are folded over, not allowing much if any air flow. I want to get a bigger one from Advance Auto or junkyard off a car or truck. Is there anything that I need to look for? I want to get the biggest one I can get, long as it's...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi Canyon Cooler, welcome to the forum! Why not make this your first post and introduce yourself to us?
  6. Grizzly Accessories
    Guys, I need some help figuring out this problem. I have the FatMax toolbox on the rear rack, and I put the rotopax water and gas up front. Any ideas on where to put a cooler, or what cooler would work best?? I only need it big enough for maybe 4 water bottles ( that is 4 or 8 beers worth of...
  7. Custom Accessories
    i want to put a cooler rack behind my rear rack. Does anyone have pics or ideas how i can do this. i want to able to remove it when i'm pulling a tailer with it.
  8. Grizzly Accessories
    Wondering what's out there for coolers that fit well on the front rack. I have tried a lil 5 pack Igloo flip top cooler but doesn't hold well (fall's through rack), yet I don't like my 6 qt (I think it is) because it is too high for my liking. Anyone got a low profile cooler that works well...
  9. The Official "MUD" Section
    okay guys i bought me a wild boar radiator relocater kit for 145 off ebay her it is and this oil cooler for 115 im going to put the oil cooler where the radiator goes in the stock place so the oil cooler will be wide open and hidden because it is a very ugly peice and the radiator on the racks...
  10. Grizzly Accessories
    ATV STUFF Deluxe Rack Cooler These atv deluxe rack coolers are triple insulated and fully lined for ice, and will keep drinks cold for over 20 hours. It has a Plastic board sewn into the bottom of the bag for support. It has a heavy duty double pull zipper across the top. It has 4...
  11. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hey guys I am thinking about buying a oil cooler kit for my grizzly 660. Now that its winter I am not having any cooling problems but I did have my temp light come on a few times this past summer. It was mainly on a day when it was well over 100 degrees F with 90% humidity crazzzzy hot!!!, and...
  12. Grizzly Tech Tips
    On my 350 grizz my fan went out and i was wondering if i could upgrade to a better oil cooler instead of having a fan ...i do alot of water riding so i want the least amount of electronics...
  13. Grizzly Snorkeling
    As promised heres a write up of how I moved my oil cooler up to the front rack! 1st thing was to unbolt it from its original spot under the front plastic and above the front diff, next I unbolted the oil lines from the cooler. 2nd I welded a couple of tabs to the front rack to bolt the cooler to...
1-13 of 13 Results