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  1. Industry News
    Troy Lee Designs produce some of the best looking helmets on the market today. Luckily for us they also provide some of the best protection for the money, while being comfortable as well. The following review is for 2 of their products currently available. The New 2012 AirStrike Silver Air...
  2. Apparel
    Troy Lee Designs CP 5900 Chest Protector Review Being in the market for a chest protector after a recent rollover which resulted in 3 cracked ribs, I contacted the folks at Troy Lee Designs to inquire about their CP 5900 Chest Protector. I...
  3. Apparel
    Troy Lee Designs Air Helmet Review Air Strike Silver New for 2012 is the Air Strike Silver design Air Helmet from Troy Lee Designs. Having owned a prior years History design of the Air Helmet I knew what to expect from the new model, and even...
  4. Industry News
    THOUSAND OAKS, CA - August 23, 2011 -Troy Lee Designs (TLD) unveiled their newest invention Read More at
  5. Apparel
    I'll be doing a combo review for the Troy Lee Designs new 2012 model Air Strike air helmet and their CP 5900 Chest Protector. Troy Lee Designs® | For the World's Fastest Racers™ I have been using a TLD History air helmet for the last year and it is probably the most comfortable, and best fitting...
  6. General Discussion
    We need to know how much interest there is for the designs of grizzly specific T Shirts. This will give us an idea if we will be able to have enough printed for each model at the cheapest cost possible. These have nothing to do with the Grizzlyriders design that we will be selling when the store...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey everyone, The final design for the first wave of shirts has been settled. These will be the shirts that will be stocked in the store right off the bat. We had several different designs but in my opinion they were just too "busy". The screen ink will be red and metallic silver. So where...
  8. RZ Mask
    Hey guys ,, Check out all the new designs, In stock June 1st.... Red Camo Aqua Camo Lime Green Camo Orange Camo Skull War Hero Red Skulls Paint Clown Face Bomber Blue Diamond Black Stars 8Ball What do you think?? Whats your favorite ??
1-8 of 10 Results