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  1. Pictures & Videos
    What is the best editing software for" gopro 2 ". I'm looking for one that will be able to convert to different formats in order to burn to dvd disk and play back on most players as well as down load to the inernet. I tried to do this once and the dvd came out choppy and not smooth in playback.
  2. Pictures & Videos
    Ok guys and Gals what ya think. I filmed in 720p action with the contourHD..Had to cut a few corners when loading to youtube due to my weak Inet which I plan to replace soon..Still came out ok..This is awesome fun and have some learnings to do..But this is my first ever vid inside...
  3. General Discussion
    OK Guys I've been trying out a few different Video editing programs(trial versions) and I'm thinking I wanna buy one to simplify things a little. What program do you use? Why do you like it? How much did it cost? So far the best one I've found is VideoPad... Video Editing Software. Download...
  4. Pictures & Videos
    I am trying to edit some videos taken with my gopro using windows movie maker. My problem is the videos from my gopro are in mp4 format. Windows movie maker only recognizes them as audio files not video. Is there any way to adjust some settings, or any way to change the type of file to one that...
  5. Pictures & Videos
    This weekend is my/our wedding anneversary and my wife made the mistake and ask me what the cheapest thing I would like thats related to me riding the Grizz..Besides her Beautiful self ..:laugh1:I chose this package deal..Its on the way. Here's to my wife..:kisses: She has a Nikon D80 I have a...
  6. Pictures & Videos
    rockycreekmovie - YouTube Four of us went out wheeing on private land, my father, uncle, cousin and myself... all with grizzly 700s. First time editing video using VideoPad free editor and the Contour ROAM on 30fps. the one camera is going back to them for a recall due to constantly low...
  7. Pictures & Videos
    Ok my trial for X4pro is about to run out.. I have been looking for a Editing program that will do it all..Think I found one..Does anyone have this. Roxio 2011,Offers Stabilization and 3D options.. I have roxio for burning audio and dvd,mp cd's..I now have the contour Hd 1080P,A Nikon D90, A...
  8. Pictures & Videos
    Here is my first attempt at editing videos from my recent trip to black mountain in Harlan County Kentucky. Really great riding very rocky trails great views.
  9. Website Help & Comments
    Hey guys and gals. I get asked a lot about the type of software I use for creating banners, re-sizing images and adding cool effects to pictures. Often times I will use Adobe Photoshop. However, I am not a graphic designer and Photoshop can have quite the learning curve for the person who...
  10. Website Help & Comments
    maybe im blind but i cannot seem to see how to edit my garage !?!? :sign0104::sign0104:
  11. General Discussion
    What editing software do you guys use? If possible can u add a link and a price? Thanks Guys!!!:clap:
  12. General Discussion
    What is a good cheap video editing software????:bigsmile1:
  13. Pictures & Videos
    OK, so all I have ever used is Windows movie maker that came with the computer. Does anyone know of or recommend a "free" software program that I can dabble with to make movies? I want to wait till winter before I dump money on a new camera, editing software and computer. Then I will ask for...
  14. Website Help & Comments
    :wtf:I have had trouble editing my posts. If "modify" is the same as edit it doesn't work. Also I've had problems with being able to see the text I'm typing when replying to a post with a quote. The text pops up when I strike a key and then the window slides up so you can't see what you are...
1-14 of 14 Results