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  1. Eastern Region Events
    In Okeechobee Florida area there is a mudding event happening. Trucks Gone Wild at Plant Bamboo. Who is going? Show off pics of rigs b4 and after Feb. 19th. Hope to see you out there. Here's my resurrected 09 Grizz 450. play dirty my friends
  2. Eastern Region Events
    CAW weekend!! Feb. 14th - 16th Guess what time it is folks? Yep another trip to CAW. Some of you have been following our thread that started a couple of days ago on Facebook. We have decided on Feb 14th-16th. We (Shawn and I) will be arriving at parks open on the 14th and will leave sometime...
  3. Announces the Ultimate Ride Giveaway with up to $20,000 in Prizes and Three Ways to Win! The Ultimate Ride Giveaway runs for twelve weeks from February 4 through April 28, 2013, and allows for two entries per week per person. Enter Online at - or at the time of...
  4. General Discussion
    I am close to purchasing a Grizzly and I have to wonder what yamaha promotions will be running next month. Looking at a few 11' which I would gamble on better pricing while they last and some 12' that I would be willing to wait on if something is coming up. Any ideas?
  5. Trail Talk
    So who all is going? I managed to convince the wife to go to mud fest. We are planning on going Saturday only. Looking for people to meet up with and ride with.
  6. The Official "MUD" Section
    Anyone from here going?
  7. Eastern Region Events
    Hello...Everbody There is a local group of us planning a ride at CAW Feb 18 and it is also a night ride until midnight or later. CAW is having fried frog legs at the cookout that night also for those inclined. We are looking at 8 or 10 riders right now with myself and SCTH1 and would like...
  8. Pictures & Videos
    Good mudding day here.
  9. Eastern Region Events
    planning on riding @ CAW on Feb 25 if any one would like to go let me know.
  10. Eastern Region Events
    Me the Wife and some riding friends are planning on going too Durhamtown on Feb 12th if we I.E. me and two other guys that work with me can't get Sat the 12th off then we are going Sun the 13th. Just thought I would post it up for anyone interested in riding. Thanks Shawn
  11. Pictures & Videos
    Went out today for around 7 hours and I think it was the best ride I have ever been on. We had carnage (not me) quads getting stuck (not me again) and just one hell of a good time. I have 60 clips to sort through and make a movie or 2 but for now I thought I would give you a teaser. The Can Am...
  12. Pictures & Videos
    Here's a few pics of the ride my gf and I did on the 13th of Feb.
  13. General Discussion
    All Anybody in North Texas/Southern Oklahoma interested in riding at Cross Bar Ranch in Davis, OK The wife, kids and I are headed up there for a ride on Feb 20 and 21 (Saturday and Sunday). Another family from North Texas maybe going as well. This will be the...
1-14 of 14 Results