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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys I am hoping to get some input on how I can make footresft for my wife on the grizzly. She's 5'1 and her feet just hang, so she's been bugging me for a while to make it happen lol. Thx for ur feedback
  2. Grizzly Accessories
    Does anyone know if 2R Racing Floorboard Traction Rails will work with the Yamaha Extended/Oversized foot pegs on the 2012 models . I have the oversized ones on order from Yamaha and would like the others from 2R if there both work together . I would of bought the 2R Racing Extended height...
  3. Grizzly Accessories
    you can see the factory ones on top for comparison, these bad boys grip like nothing else
  4. General Classifieds
    dont let people tell you to have a trailer built to you specx in georgia for $4500 -- they are junk !! this trailer i have is top of the line in quality 2008 new $12500 finished walls and ceiling checkerboard floors 3/4 inch waterproof decking boards 54 inch Left side access door 48 inch right...
  5. Grizzly Accessories
    Anyone happen to know if the Oversized footpegs for the newer 550 and 700 will fit on a 660? Yamaha's site says they are intended for the newer models but I'm thinking it's possible that the footpeg bolt pattern and general fit may not have changed that much between the 660 and 550/700s. Just...
  6. Grizzly Talk
    where can i find a foot skid plate and need a new foot rest to find my broke kinda bad
  7. General Discussion
    EcoInformatics International Inc. Saw it on the news tonight, seems like it would have been allot less work to just build one across a small creek, but hats off to these busy beavers! I drive across beaver dams on quads regularly while out quading, but this one seems like it would take a while!
  8. General Discussion
    i been looking at Quadrax and Kimpex fender gaurds and foot pegs but they dont really show how they bolt up to the foot board i want to make sure it dont stick out mabe some of you that have them can post me some up close pics of how they mount or link to your garage i will really appreciate it...
  9. Grizzly Accessories
    So riding is no fun when You lose Your traction and doesn't matter if it's Your Grizzly paws or Your feet. For the first You can get new rubbers for Your Grizz, for the second I did this, helps in icy condition or when Your floor board is full of mud. Those who smashed their legs one or twice...
  10. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Is there any way to bypass having to push the foot brake when shiftig into reverse on my 08 grizzly 350?
  11. Handlebars & Ergonomics
    Initial Thought Ive read about these for a while, and finally decided to get them. Packaging is real good, showed up timely. The stock foot pegs are set low into the floorboards, and any mud or snow really packs in there and you find yourself slipping off of the floorboards. These are real...
1-11 of 11 Results