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  1. Eastern Region Events
    What's up everyone! I wanted to drop by and fill everyone in on this year Haunted Forest Ride, which is slated for Oct 19-21 at Wilderness Trail Off-Road Park just east of Pineville, KY. The event has grown tremendously, with approximately 5,000 people at last year's event. This year, we're...
  2. Member's Rigs
    Who doesn't like showing off their pride and joy? This time the mods went to my truck. It isn't much but it's been a long time coming. My fenders were rusting but didn't want to pay for the body work so I decided to cut it out, seal it with por15 and slap some street flares over it to cover it...
  3. General Discussion
    Today we were driving home from a friends and we seen a chevy TRYING to pull a big as* snapon truck out of the mud. Long story short the chevy FAILED. So me being a nice guy I told my mom to stop and ask if he needed hel. he said yes so i told my mom to slide over and i drove. He hooked up the...
  4. Industry News
    Spartanburg, S.C. - KYMCO USA has entered a partnership that will have the powersports vehicle Read More at
  5. Member's Rigs
    I had talked about this quit a while ago and we finally picked it up a couple weeks ago, my wifes new wheelchair van. It took 2 yrs. and alot of patience but it finally happened. This is my new home or it should be it cost more than I paid for my house. She hasn't had a van since August so I was...
  6. Grizzly Talk
    It snowed a lot here, more than I have ever seen! So I went driving around town in my Grizzly 660, and ended up pulling a ford ranger out of a ditch with my winch(viper 3500lb). It pulled her out pretty easy, just wish I got in on video to show you guys as before I pulled her out there was 6...
  7. General Discussion
1-7 of 7 Results