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  1. Grizzly Talk
    I just made my garage id like everyone to take a look.I no some ppl dont care but if u like it let me no and if u have any upgrades i shld do that u think id like let me no.
  2. Pictures & Videos
    I am having problems uploading images to my garage, I keep getting "Error: Image could not be moved". Image size and dimensions are correct 1024x768 and less than a meg. :crying: Could someone please advise? THX.
  3. General Discussion
    Well guys, it is official, I am the self appointed captian of the Garage Queen ATV Club. I have become what I often ridiculed, A all talk no ride Grizz owner. Officially going on 1 full month since any substantial Grizz riding, a personal worse for me in three years of Grizz ownership. I...
  4. General Discussion
    Well I just got gifted about 10 sheets of 1/2' OSB and I thought what better use of them than to make some work benches in the garage. the space i have for them is about 15'. It might be kind of an odd series of questions but I'd like input on those who have benches and what they wish they had...
  5. Website Help & Comments
    maybe im blind but i cannot seem to see how to edit my garage !?!? :sign0104::sign0104:
  6. Website Help & Comments
    Is there any way to search the garage by grizzly type? Say I just want to look at 450's or 700's.
  7. Website Help & Comments
    I've noticed when search the garage that the link to the Owner's public profile page doesn't work and by double-click, You're redirecting back to His Garage. Which is like blind circle. Other words: You're in the garage, You want to check some rig, double-click brings You to the member's garage...
  8. General Discussion
    what is the reasoning behind a Vehicle Rating in the Garage part of the forum ??? just wondering cause i noticed i had a 7.2 Rating , how does a brand new 2011 get such a low mark ? i find it hard enough voting for the GOTM .
  9. Pictures & Videos
    Take a look, let me know what you think. Grizzly Riders - Yamaha Grizzly ATV Forum Garage
  10. Website Help & Comments
    So.. what is the deal with the garage lists? I find it hard to believe that a bike with 700 miles on it is the 5th highest in mileage.
  11. Website Help & Comments
    i tried to add my pictures to the site garage - i resized to spec -- only thing i see is that there is no choice for a 2011 --- i havent seen anyone else on the site with a 2011 so i wanted to be the first. maybe something im doing wrong ? ii just go into the garage and click on add vehicle...
  12. Website Help & Comments
    I was adding pictures to my garage and now it tells me that I am not authorized to be there. How can I fix the problem. Thank you, Blu:D
  13. Grizzly Accessories
    Well it took a couple of hours but I finally got all my mods sorted out and into the new garage. I was going to post up a photo of each individual mod, but loading 80+ mods (many of the vendors & descriptions had to be added to the data base) was tedious enough w/o waiting to add a photo upload...
  14. Website Help & Comments
    Are we going to be limited to 5 Vehicle and 6 Mod images in the Garage?
  15. Website Help & Comments
    i've tried adding my 550 to the garage, but the 550 is not listed. when i click the "not listed" button and add Grizzly 550, it tells me that admin has already done this, but it's still not there. any ideas?
  16. Website Help & Comments
    Every time I add a manufacture to the list in the garage I get the succesfully added message. However when I go back to add the mod and select the manufacture it's not in the drop down list. I have done this for 3 different manufactures, and they are not on the list. Help please.
  17. Website Help & Comments
    i see the garage is operational, and it looks pretty cool! i tried entering some of my mods, but every time i add a manufacturer all the other info i've already entered disappears and the manufacturer still doesn't show up. i also keep getting the message "line error:50" whatever that means, LOL!
1-17 of 17 Results