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  1. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Ok, so I'm new in here, I've had my grizzly for about 12 years. I absolutely love it, I started having problems with it and long behold had the top end rebuilt new starter, cdi ect. Sat for 4 years because well you know LIFE happens. Anyway I want to get her back up and me riding again. I...
  2. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    I just got this atv and I had to replace a rocker arm so I bought a new head for it. When I try to start it it made a humming noise so I turned the engine back a little ways then try to start it and it tryed to start but stoped in the same spot so can anyone help with what is wrong with it.
  3. General Discussion
    Is this still grizzly site or an iPhone12 SPAM engine?
  4. Grizzly Talk
    Hello, I am new to the fourm. I was wondering what your opinion is on grizzly vs. kodiak. I wold be using it for (and not limited to) the following: Plowing Towing (medium to heavy loads) Transport Firewood (the whole process- winching down trees, dragging logs, everything :wink2: Thanks...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Fuel sat in my quad went bad now it wont start. Drained tank, cleaned fuel injector with carb clean and added fresh gas. Added new plug. Taking long time to start. being its fuel injected should i keep trying to start it without pressing the throttle or should i have the throttle depressed while...
  6. Grizzly Talk
    Just did a top end rebuild and trying to make sure the timing is correct. Book says to put the piston at TDC and have the timing mark centered. Problem is, there are 3 timing marks. I originally used the first one. It cranked and idled but backfired when I pushed the throttle. Went back to...
  7. Grizzly Talk
    I have a 2005 Grizzly 660 that I bought off of my grandpa. Back in 2016 it, along with the majority of my region, flooded. This flood killed the display. I have had it for about a year. When I first got it it would not start, but a simple spark plug corrected that issue. The battery started...
  8. Grizzly Talk
    My daughter's 2000 grizzly 600 runs great cold, starts easily on a half choke. it will run for a half an hour or 45 minutes and then start to backfire and stall. It won't make any power when it does this, and it seems to have the most trouble going up hill. It also seems to idle too high. I...
  9. Grizzly Talk
    Recently purchased a 1999 grizzly. Would love to hear everything about the machine and anybody's opinion about cooling system. I have read that some have installed a newer cooler and fan, etc. I am completing a motor job on the machine. New everything in the top end and new connecting rod in...
  10. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    Afternoon all! So I just picked up a 700 that has a frame that turned out to be worse off than I thought it was. Anyone have one they would like to part with? I'm in Florida outside of Destin. Thanks!
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  12. New Member Introductions
    While riding my grizzly 660 last night it just lost all power and died....the only fluid loss was antifreeze around the radiator. Now it will not even attempt to start. It has been backfiring after riding and you let off the throttle.
  13. Grizzly Specifications
    Hi all, Im having some trouble chasing down a problem. My grizzly will not go over 20mph and thats with the choke on. I've had the carb off and cleaned it twice now. I have some mechanical experience but not an expert. If I try to ride with the choke off it back fires thru the exhaust. I...
  14. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    Hey I am looking for the front rack for my 2006 Grizzly. I’ve noticed that it is unavailable from all of the parts sites. If anyone has one for sale I’d love to talk. Thank you.
  15. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    I have a 1998 Yamaha Grizzly 600 YFM600FWA 4WV5-010 here with an overheating issue - the oil cooler fan is not turning on and eventually the Oil Temp red light is illuminating. I've read a number of old posts that indicate these run hot and gave some start points. So far I have: Tested that...
  16. General Discussion
    1 member is celebrating their birthday on 10-07-2020: -grizzly uk (born in 1967, Age: 53) Happy Birthday!
  17. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I'm purchasing my first ATV Monday afternoon a 07' Grizzly 700 Outdoorsman. Looking forward to getting to know some of you through this site, my next post will be asking for help for this new purchase. Better pics coming soon when I get the quad home.
  18. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    I have a 1998 Yamaha Grizzly 600 YFM600FWA 4WV5-010 here which I believe has the Miknuni Corp BST40/1 4WV 00 carby. The bike is in some disrepair and has come to me not with starting and idling issues (I found the inlet valve clearances to be way out). While doing this I've observed that the air...
  19. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    I have a 1998 Yamaha Grizzly 600 YFM600FWA 4WV5-010 here. It looks like the rear shock has a breather tube coming out the top: Any ideas on where it should go or should it just be loose like this? I cannot see any reference to it in the Service Manual.
  20. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Bike was sitting for a long time , just clean carb and cranked it up and was running rough but running.... after a few min of running it killed and now I have no spark , I have replaced the stator , rectifier coil and cdi.... still no spark ! I’m just lost at what this can be... is there a...
1-20 of 500 Results