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  1. General Discussion
    Well the Rhino and Grizz have found a new home, wanted to clean house a little and get something somewhere in the middle and since Yamaha has not come out with anything like that heres what I got! Just took it for a couple laps around the yard and my initial impression is Impressed!
  2. General Discussion
    I traded my z71 and a little boot for it. Now I have something new to start modding, or something else to waste money on as my wife says. It's a 90 model hard top. I am ordering tonight a new bikini top, center console, and window tray.
  3. Trail Talk
    Roster Cone, Bottle Rock, Bridge Rock, Sand Cave, Creek Trail These terms will be like music to some people's ears. They are to mine!
  4. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    I just recently put some new tires on the Lava Grizz and took it for a spin, found some snow to leave a tread pattern. Lets see who guesses what tires this pattern is from. If push comes to shove I will give clues. I am willing to bet most get this wrong tho! :laugh1: Good luck!
  5. General Discussion
    Obama won't like this......I don't know what happened between Hank, ESPN and Fox News but????? Hank Williams Jr.
  6. Useless Info and BS
    saw this on another site and realized that i have been using celery incorrectly! :smiley_confused1:
  7. General Discussion
    Anybody have trouble with the Viper 3000 elite with remote control? Man that remote is handy especially when using the winch for yard work... It ( remote) worked great after the install back a few months ago ( installed it some time this summer, June or July)... Now, the winch still works by way...
  8. The Great Outdoors
    Hunting Pic from last weekend... Called a solid black yote in a few weeks ago but no luck connecting so far....scared the hell out of a couple of riders with the decoy set next to a well used park and rest area...
  9. Pictures & Videos
    This car has been down at my riding area since at least 1978. You can tell it hase been there a long time. 30+ years!! If it could be saved, it would be a nice weekend cruzer. I know what it is. Just thought it would be fun to post it here to look at.
1-9 of 10 Results