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  1. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Anybody running either of these? There are a few videos on youtube of the BigGun ECO on some grizzlys but can't find any with the evo. Been searching through the forum and can't seem to find much of anything about them. Just wondering if anyone has it and if they like it.
  2. Grizzly Accessories
    I am looking into different alternatives for gun mounting. I have a front rack and a small box. Does anyone have experience with the mounts that bolt to the rack?
  3. The Great Outdoors
    Well guys I got my ccw permit in the mail today. Feels sweet to have. Now I can carry gun, or knife concealed. I also got a new handgun also. A cz-usa c75 p-07 duty. Sweet gun. It's 9 mm with 17 round mag, and came with there tactical light. Haven't picked it up yet cause of the wait period. I...
  4. The Great Outdoors
    For those of you who have yet to send a message to those that need to hear from us law abiding gun owners in the goverment about protecting our given American rights can now do so very easily thanks to Ruger, follow the simple steps in the link below and soon the powers that be in both your...
  5. The Great Outdoors
  6. The Great Outdoors
    Love this, might buy one for the truck and the house! :Shh::s_good:
  7. The Great Outdoors
    Rock Island Armory M-5 HD shotgun $225.00 - Delivered to your FFL Action = Pump Finish = Parkerized Barrel = 20" Weight = 7lbs Gauge = 12 Chamber = 3.0" Capacity = 5+1 (2.75") or 4+1 (3.0") Features: Twin Slide Action Bars Heat Sheild Jeweled Bolt Davidson Lifetime Replacement guarantee...
  8. The Great Outdoors
    Just wondering who all belongs to a gun club? Here is the one I am am member of Twin Lakes Gun Club. It is a private range covering nearly 300 acres with a membership exceeding 600 members. $65.00 dollars a year dues, that's pretty cheap to be able to enjoy the sport of firearms in a safe...
  9. The Great Outdoors
    Meet the Man Responsible for the Death of Canada's Gun Registry Looking north across the border, American gun owners may well see the fall of Canada's long-gun registry with relief. This, after all, lessens the odds that the anti-gun movement will be successful in its attempt to install a...
  10. The Great Outdoors
    This is Obama's Attorney General speaking in this video! Holder Outlines How To Change Public Opinion On Guns
  11. The Great Outdoors
    Got off work little early today and was able to pick up the xd .45 tactical today :boxing: Shot a few rounds off and I really like the gun. No problems, and is pretty accurate for first time shooting it. Got 150 rounds of federal 230 grain fmj rn to start off with. $19.00 bucks for each 50 round...
  12. The Great Outdoors
    O.K. - let's start here: T 577 T-Rex Read here: Airborne Combat Engineer: .577 Tyrannosaur & .700 Nitro Express Then we move onto this: While we're at the .700 mark - this is quite unique: Read here - if you plan on hunting dynosaurs: The .700 WTF : For Hunting Dinosaurs | The Firearm Blog...
  13. Industry News
    MICHIGAN - FS Announces Decision On Proposal To Ban Gun Hunting And Snowmobiling In Areas Of Huron-Manistee NF-The U.S. Forest Service has released the Record of Decision and the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that addresses issues stemming from a lawsuit in federal court over...
  14. Useless Info and BS
    Some words to the wise. shooting advice from various concealed carry instructors. If you own a gun, you will appreciate this. if not, you should get one and learn to use it: A; Guns have two enemies rust and politicians. B; Its always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. C; Cops carry...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hi smok'in gun, welcome to the forum! Why not make this your first post and introduce yourself to us?
  16. General Discussion
    Brass Shell Casings - You Gotta Read this one to believe it!!! Be sure you are setting down when you read this one! GeorgiaArms is the 5th largest retailer of .223 Ammo in America. They sell 9mm, .45, .223 ammunition. They normally buy spent brass from the US Department...
  17. The Great Outdoors
    My local dealer is trying to talk me in to this SCCY Industries any feedback i read just as much good as bad about them on the net so far i have been looking at the kahr pm9 or ruger lc9 before i talked to my local dealer
  18. General Discussion
    I've been waiting for a month for this because in NJ we can only purchase 1 handgun every 31 days. This is the new Big Girl in the collection - she's a Magnum Research BFR (which stands for Big Frame Revolver, but should mean Big F%#king Revolve if you ask me); anyway All Stainless, Single...
  19. The Great Outdoors
    I am currently experiencing minor difficulties with refraining from the purchase of any additional firearms... :angel: I have aquired more long guns than can be fit into 3 good-sized safe's... (and I only own 2 safes - lol) :Shh: (Note: Im a pretty decent shot, and I let my 120# Wolf dog run...
  20. Useless Info and BS
    I just put a deposit down on another handgun - I gotta wait 31 days after my last permit was used to purchase again (F'n Jersey) - anyway - she's a Magnum Research BFR which stands for Big Frame Revolver but should mean Big F'n Revolver - .500 S&W
1-20 of 39 Results