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  1. Member's Rigs
    Here is my 2008 Silvy,
  2. Member's Rigs
    Most of you know already but I wanna show off more, soooo! the wife decided to do something for me for Easter this year and bought me a trailer! Man is it sweet. heavy and solid. Maybe a bit over kill for just a grizz or two, but I do haul bigger stuff from time to time and this will be nice...
  3. Member's Rigs
    Well I was looking pretty hard at a truck but decided to go with the Xterra and have been a happy camper ever since. It gets me to work as well as out on the trail. (For the rare occasion I leave the grizz at home..) First time out on a very easy trail. ( 1 week after I bought
  4. Member's Rigs
    I love not having to pull a trailer, when I don't need to. When just the wife and I go out, this is how we roll. When the kids come along I have to use the trailer for their rides. The best thing about this set up is that the side rails are your 8' ramps.
  5. General Discussion
    So, I wanted to get some general ideas, thoughts and impressions on a atv hauling system I may be testing out for a local company and possibly getting involved with improving and/or re-designing. I don't have any pictures of the system yet, but it is a truck receiver mounted rack designed to...
  6. General Discussion
    G-Man tell me this aint you! :smiley_confused1:
  7. Member's Rigs
    Imagine this as your ultimate Toy Hauler! Ram "Long-Hauler" Concept is the Ultimate Tow Truck - News
  8. Member's Rigs
    Well I have been looking for a new truck for some time now and I finally found what I have been looking for. It’s a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, crew cab long bed. It has the Duramax Diesel and Allison transmission which I have to say is an awesome engine transmission combination! Here are...
  9. Member's Rigs
    Well after a disappointing set of BFG All Terrain T/A tires on my 2004 Silverado 2500HD, I am looking for new shoes. I only got 21,000 out of this set and I was not to happy about how fast they wore out. They wore evenly and rode great but the tread life sucked a$$. I got more miles on the...
  10. Member's Rigs
    Well I have been looking for a larger trailer since I got the Grizz. I have a 4x8 and it just fits width wise. So the search has been on, kicking around a 5x10, a 6x12 or a 5x14. After the trailer mishap in January I have been hauling the Grizz in the bed of the truck. This works good, but a...
1-11 of 11 Results