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  1. General Discussion
    i am looking for a waterproof hardcase to put my iphone in while boating and atving. i am looking at the pelican 1015 or the otterbox 2000. has anybody used either of these? which one would be better and why? thanks
  2. Custom Accessories
    i have a app that is a gps so i wanted to make a mount and if that did not work buy a ram mount well my custom mount worked hope you enjoy here is a link for the case: iPhone 4S Defender Series Case //
  3. Industry News
    SAN DIEGO, CA - November 29, 2011 -* LifeProof, the provider of all-protective, everyday cases [...] Read More at
  4. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Suprisingly I found very little info on using the iPhone as a GPS unit on an ATV so I figured I post what I ended up doing on my 550. I knew a GPS would be useful when we ride but the ones I wanted were all $300 to $600. I played around with GPS on the iPhone before and it worked great provided...
  5. General Discussion It has the complete parts diagram of just about every make, model, and year and has part numbers and prices if you buy it through the app. The prices don't seem very good but nontheless it works great as a diagram! Sent from my iPhone...
  6. Grizzly Talk
    Downloaded this new app today that makes your Grizzly look like it has a random turkey gobbler laying on the back rack. Pretty cool app I'd say....Oh yes and it does use the GPS chipset built into the iphone. Oh and the app puts a turkey on your back if you know how to use the BUILT IN GPS...
  7. Grizzly Talk
    I haven't posted for awhile. Been so busy with work and play.... I know some love the iphone and some people hate it...I guess this is for those who love got a new iphone and searched for a GPS app. Found this app: Motion X GPS for $2.99 and it is proving to be cool cool cool. Here...
381-387 of 392 Results