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  1. General Discussion
    LOL, I was hoping to make it up to Ontario to do a little offroading this coming summer, but due to all the celebrity influx I'm not sure there will be enough room. Just kidding I'm going to tear it up down here in Texas first, then ill see Canada's exterior.:laugh2:
  2. The Great Outdoors
    Well folks My son and I are leaving for Idaho in 2 weeks 6 days, for a DYI hunt..The grizz is ready, I am ready, the rifles are ready, the truck is ready. Making breakfast sausage, polish sausage, and hot sticks & jerky today from the remainder of last years hunt to take out there for snacks...
  3. General Discussion
    :crying: my 660 i found out whats clunking the drive shaft from the engine to the front diff the splines on the shaft are bad and we already have 600 in wheels 1200 in parts from when wrecked and 250 in winch and the frame is tweaked and the drive shaft is 350bucks and i dont have it so can u...
1-3 of 3 Results