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  1. Grizzly Tech Tips
    hey, so I have a 2003 grizzly 660 and purchased a 2" lift kit but don't want to put it in until I get new Axels for it. Question is, what is a decent set for the rear around $200-250
  2. Custom Accessories
    Hello all just wanted to share my new mods. Im a cheapskate so if i can make it i dont buy it. Let me know what you guys think. Dont have any pics of the 2"lift but if anyone is interested i can post some later. Halos cost me $4.99 for the flexible led strips and about 1hr. Front bumper which is...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Trying to find general info on dping a 4 or so inch lift on my grizzly 550. And if there are any other necessary mods such as clutch kits ect brand snd websites woukd be appreciated Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    Hello again yall, Need some advice on a lift kit for my kodiak. Been searching online for a kit but can only find 2" and that ain't gonna cut it. I have 28" mega meyhams on it now and they clear no problem. Just looking to gain ground clearance.. anyone know who makes a 4" kit for this bike? Or...
  5. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    Hey all...I was wondering if anyone has used or knows anything about the machined aluminum block lift kits...good or bad? I think Quadrax and Kimpex make them.Machined aluminum blocks for each shock mounts on the ATV. Lifts 1” to 1-1/2” depending on the vehicle. Suspension travel remains...
  6. Grizzly Chassis & Body I just put on MSA Kore 14" rims and Mega Mayhem 27" tires. Tonight I put on a Highlifter 2" lift kit and after looking at the angle of the axles, it has me a little worried. Here are a couple pics. Do these seem angled too much and should I remove the lift? Thanks.....
  7. Grizzly Talk
    I was wondering if anyone could tell me who makes a 2 inch lift kit for my 2014 grizzly 700 ?
  8. General Discussion
    Wanting to get the 6 in monkey lift, does anyone have this and how much ground clearance you actually have? I clear a 5 gal bucket with my 2'' HL and HL springs. How much more will I gain? Any input would be great! Thanks in advance!:boxing:
  9. Grizzly Tech Tips
    on my 04 660 i have a 2" lift and HL springs and it nose dives down, has anyone else had this problem? do i need to custom make me a bigger lift in the front or what?
    Shop for everything from OEM Parts to Lift Kits for ATVs!!! Quadboss Lift Kit Price: $40.77 - $289.99 Product Description: -Improves ground clearance. -Laser cut and powder-coated for durability. -Easy to install with no special tools. -Lifts unit 1 to 1-1/2''. -May...
  11. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Hey guys. I have an 09 700 and I'm thinking of putting some bigger tires on it. I have 28"ones now and they fit easily with lots of clearance, but they do measure a little shorter than their stated size. I'm really wanting to go with silverbacks and at first I was going to stick with 28s but the...
  12. Grizzly Talk
    I'm lookin at gettin a 6 inch for my bike only problem is I don't have 3 or 4 grand to drop on a catvos so the only other one I know of in my price range would be the gorilla. My question is does anybody have any experience with this lift? I'd sure hate to drop almost 2k for a lift that'll just...
  13. Other Products
    Recently purchased a Snap-On Motorcycle table lift to work on my dirt bikes and atv's. Model: Desperado It is a 110V Hydraulic pump, which I feel is better than an air srt up, since its more accessible to everyone. I recently worked on a prairie 650 and it was a dream. Table lifts...
  14. The Official "MUD" Section
    Well to start off I'm new here and this is my first post so bear with me please, I got a 2007 grizzly 660 and im looking to buy a 2 inch lift for it. almost every lift says that it requires after market axles except for the extreme lift my question is what is the difference? and also does...
  15. Grizzly Talk
    I've recently put a 2" RDC lift kit on my Grizzly and been out a couple of times. So far it's performed great. On the last ride I met up with a guy running the same machine as me but had no lift kit and 30" 'backs (no clutch kit either:wow:). He told me that he didn't put a lift in because...
  16. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    OK... I am looking for any of you who have ACTUAL experience putting a 2" or less lift kit on your Grizz, and I'd like to hear: 1 - What brand lift 2 - What the total ACTUAL lift measurement was, front and back. 3 - If you have had any problems with axles that you wouldn't have had anyways...
  17. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    So I have a 06 660 and have some 29.5s on it but it scrubbs a little. I have a 2" extreme products lift kit and wanted to know if yall think I should try a different lift kit or do some highlifter lift spring or something. The bike only has 400 miles on it so I doubt the spring have already been...
  18. New Member Introductions
    I'm looking for a 07-10 yamaha grizzly 700 4 or 6 Lift kit . WTT my stock parts and $$$ Call or text Adrian 713 927 5100.
  19. Pictures & Videos
    I had a couple people aske me for pics of the bike with the 2 inch lift and 29.5 outlaws. Here you go. You dont need to do any trimming. The shocks are turned all the way up in these pics. This was from 2008.. The snorks were just the CVT and now have been changed to the front.
1-19 of 55 Results