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  1. New Member Introductions
    While riding my grizzly 660 last night it just lost all power and died....the only fluid loss was antifreeze around the radiator. Now it will not even attempt to start. It has been backfiring after riding and you let off the throttle.
  2. Grizzly Talk
    I have a 2008 grizzly 450 I just replaced the moon key in the stator housing fired right up road the machine for a little bit it bogged down and died now I checked fire and there is none and starter is not engaging anybody know what it could be
  3. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hi guys, I am rebuilding a carb for a friend for his 2000 Grizley 600. As I was re-installing the carb, I moved the starter set and the assembly separated and the spring jumped into oblivion. I have searched high and low for several hours and cannot find the spring. Does anyone have any...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi lost johnny, welcome to the forum! Why not make this your first post and introduce yourself to us?
  5. Trail Talk
    Figured I took the ride I would give it a review for others thinking about riding Eastern, PA In a Word: ROCKY...yes even on the grizz Went with two dirtbike, kodiak, grizz, beartracker, arctic cat 400..... Two flats there in our day, one dirt bike, the other arctic cat. Bent Rim...
  6. Pictures & Videos
    Me and my dad decided to take a trip up to Lost Trails yesterday since its only about 25 minutes away from us. We decided to go at the last minute so we got a little bit of a late start. We ended up doing about 75% of the park in about 4 hrs so its not very big. I'm pretty sure you can cover...
  7. Eastern Region Events
    I am going out to the lost trails located in scranton/wilkes barre PA for my birthday, getting there for 9-930 am. Right now about four guys going who i ride with on all different machines, I hope to have my grizzly fixed by then (starter clutch). If anyone is looking to ride you can just meet...
  8. General Discussion
    There was this guy I rode with, and he was on a local ATV site for a long time with some local riders. He was crazy in a good way riding, he has a big brute 750 and would go into any mudhole just to see is he could do it. i got some video of him struggling and not giving up, Last wednesday...
  9. Trail Talk
    i went to lost trails pa over the weekend got some pics but no vids because my dad broke my camera:watchit: but here is some pics i had a lot of fun IMG00092-20111112-1242.jpg picture by GrizzRider - Photobucket 2.jpg picture by GrizzRider - Photobucket 2-3.jpg picture by GrizzRider -...
  10. Trail Talk
    hey was wondering if anyone has ridin at lost trails at there new location how did u guys like the trails andy vids thanks. me and my dad are planing to take a ride up there. if any one wants to come they are welcome to tag along
  11. General Discussion
    Went to Brimstone Rec. in Scott Co. TN this weekend. My co-worker and friend took a nasty spill off the side of the mountain. Long story short he took a hard right hand corner on a down hill pin hook turn, with bent handlebars from a roll over about 3 miles before. You do the math. 660 shot him...
  12. Grizzly Talk
    Greetings all I did the valve adjustments for the first time on the 04 660 and had to remove a lot of parts to get at it. I did it according to specs and all went well. Due to work schedule, the job took place over several days. Except when it came time to replace all the rubber hoses in the...
  13. Grizzly Tech Tips
    So I have a brand new 2011 grizzly 550 EPS that I just purchased last week and was wondering what you guys do to your grizz for basic and long term maintenance...(oil change, air filter, etc.) I was trying to read the manual but my little brother took it and misplaced it pretty much... So far...
  14. General Discussion
    Well last night I almost lost my grizz and possibly myself. I had my clutch all tore apart a week before and went riding last weekend and my clutch housing leaked water in so I disassembled and cleaned everything and put it all back together again and was suppose to go on a big trip for the...
  15. Pictures & Videos
    Went for a ride today and finally got to use the new contour cam. Here is the first video I made using it. sorry the pic quality is ruff. it was raining.
  16. General Discussion
    Rocky Cutsforth, owner of ROX SPEED FX died in an atv accident. Rocky Cutsforth Dies During Photo Shoot | ATV Mag Blog. Prayers to his family and friends.
  17. General Discussion
    For those of You unfamiliar with place, here's the link: Ride Lost Trails ATV Park . For those of You -who knows it better -intro not needed. Anyway, Season is almost here and upcoming weekend's weather cast looks great. This Sat 04.03.2010 Everybody is Welcome.
1-18 of 18 Results