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  1. Industry News
    Yamaha, Federal Premium, Bushnell and the Dallas Safari Club Help Fund 25 Restoration for Recreation Projects Across the U.S. Salt Lake City, Utah - October 8, 2015 - Tread Lightly!, the leading national nonprofit promoting responsible outdoor recreation, announced a major new initiative funding...
  2. Official Clutch Forum
    So I found a major issue. I know it seems simple, install shims, done. Can't post pics, too dark when I did it. When I pulled off my outer sheave... Just under the roller bearing towards the front, JUST in front of the belt... There was something that didn't belong??? Yep. Full on dead...
  3. General Discussion
    I just read a thread from a guy on a Polaris Ranger site explaining how he just purchased a new Polaris it has 5 hrs on it and it's been recalled for major engine work. The kicker is Polaris sent the recall out a week before he purchased the machine saying NOT to sell the machines and the dealer...
  4. Industry News
    Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship Welcomes Oakley as Major Series Sponsor for 2011 and*Beyond MORGANTOWN, WV - April 7, 2011 - MX Sports Pro Racing has announced that Oakley, one of the most iconic brands in the sports world, has m Read More at
  5. General Discussion
    I got a big job to do. I just bought a frame from 660 rider a guy from grizzly central for 150 bucks and he is including the upper aarm i need the frame is in perfect shape it is a 05 frame but we r getting stuff switched so i can keep my vin and keep it an 06. so now all i need is my shaft yet...
  6. General Discussion
    Do i keep the 660 and get a frame after i find out whats wrong with the front diff and how much its going to cost OR get a 700 with tottle costs 8,500 OTD???????????????????????????????????????
1-6 of 6 Results