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  1. Official Clutch Forum
    Hi i am looking to buy an old 2001 600 grizzly . Went and tryed it but it was reving pretty mutch so the guy decided to change the belt and clean the cvt and do the shim mod but after the shim mod and the new belt the bike is doing a bad whinning sound from the clutch and dont know why ...
  2. Grizzly Talk
    Wrong section Delete please.
  3. Grizzly Dyno/Tuning
    So I have an 07 grizzly 700 it has a miss in the low idle. I have hmf slip on, clutch kit, and 27" tires. So....when I tried to get into the c0 screen, it wouldn't. Am I missing something? Please give me some info on this
  4. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    So a lot of guys say it doesnt even do anything but other people say it does, its free to do so I figure why not, I have a 2R tip and a little bit of a stalling issue right off idle. So I researched and researched, mine has the ECU right under the EPS, early single style plug. I grounded every...
  5. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    Hi all...I have a 2013 kodiak 450 eps and have 26" zillas (9" front and 11" rear)on 12" itp 212s...I have ordered a shim kit (2-1mm,1-0.5mm,and 1-0.2 shims)...any recommendations on what shim to use...from what I have read on here, I was thinking maybe 1mm...any input greatly appreciated!...thanks!
  6. Official Clutch Forum
    After researching clutch kit after clutch kit after clutch kit i began to ask around to see what was best for my set up. after digging through various information and getting many opinions from very helpful and insightfull people on the site i was able to come to a decision! I was so...
  7. Official Clutch Forum
    I installed a purple secondary clutch spring and a 1.0mm shim on my 09 Grizzly 550. I put everything back together and took it out for a test run. The CVT exhaust was spitting out shards of black plastic (assuming this is from the CVT cover). The belt was extremely tight and sat slightly high...
  8. Grizzly Tech Tips
    We'll the grizz got me again I just ordered the EHS bullet box and 2r tip yesterday. I fully intend on doing the EHS intake box cover but I'm a little confused on the filters. 1. Hanger mod??? I've seen a few posts about it with picks and this is what I have gathered. Your just basically...
  9. Official Clutch Forum
    First, let me say hi to everyone, as I am new here. :s_hi: So I have a ton of questions. I have read multiple stickys about the clutch setups and I have a pretty good understanding of what does what now, but there are some more specific questions I have that I can not find the answers to...
  10. Official Clutch Forum
    Is there anyone doing clutch machining still? I think there was a guy on grizzlycentral that used to do it but i think he might have passed away.
  11. Official Clutch Forum
    Alright guys I've been doing a lot of looking into clutching my 2012 700 and over the last few months I've come to the understanding that your better off putting together your own custom kit. I have 27" kenda's and other than that it's stock. I use the rig to tow some logs, a little trail...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hello every one I'm new to the form. Just working on my 2002 kodiak and the front diff went, i got a use diff. in off a 2005 unit with both axels. but notice my steering knuckles are damaged. Though I might change rest of front end to newer model. has any one done this. Axels and spine count...
  13. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Hi Planning to put original silencer can of 03 yamaha fzr600r (not used) street bike to my 06 grizzly 660. Just to be nice with neighbours.. Any ideas how this will work? z
  14. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hey lads, I have a stock (well, mostly stock) 04 660 and I was planning on doing an air box mod to let err breath better. If i do, should I rejet? what size jets should I use? when you rejet do you change the pilot, main and needle jets and where should the clip go in on the needle jet? One...
  15. Official Clutch Forum
    Hey lads, I just had a coops mod #3 done and a purple EPI secondary spring. I cleaned all parts of the primary and secondary and put new grizzly grease in. Then I reassembled every thing and torqued to spec. Now there is a bit of a weird noise when I throttle down and the bike almost comes to a...
  16. Official Clutch Forum
    Hey guys! I'm just wondering if anyone has pics of their cam plate modded? Also I've just read that the cam plate mod only has an effect in low range and not high, is this true?
  17. General Discussion
    Congratulations Frank, I see your user name has a change of color... :wee_hee: Welcome to the madness!
  18. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    i have a 2010 grizzly 700 and was wondering if there is any modification to the power steering in order to get more of an "all time" power steering effect? I love the power steering when i am riding and i would never go back, the problem is when i am at a standstill. when i am in a sticky...
  19. Custom Accessories
    Hello to all, I'm thinking in a new mod to my Grizz and I would like to share with all of you and also receive ideas for do it better!! All time I'm fighting with the mud on the radiator because it cause overheat. For this reason, I'm planning to do the following: I just bought a piece of...
  20. Official Clutch Forum
    Well I added 2mm shims today. And I don't notice any difference at all. Is this normal? I was thinking that I would have felt a little difference. Is it possible that there is slip in the belt? Do I need to change the spring to feel the difference from the shims? Btw all I want to do is slow...
1-20 of 73 Results