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  1. Grizzly Accessories
    Anyone need a new OEM front bumper for their Grizz? Will fit a '07-'15 700. I swapped out my new machine with an aftermarket front bumper the day I brought it home, it's been sitting in the cellar in a box. Will take $150 plus whatever shipping to send it out ($311 new plus shipping). I can...
  2. Grizzly Tech Tips
    I ordered the updated (in 2009) crankcase cover to address the stator cooling problem on my 2008 Grizzly 700 EPS. The part looks refurbished to me, but I'm not sure. I just assumed there would be SOME type of finish over the bare aluminum. Would others who have replaced their crankcase covers...
  3. Official Clutch Forum
    New to the forum, I recently got my 04 660 grizzly running after the winter it was having electrical issues at the time which are now fixed, I snorkeled it in the meantime with dual 2" intake and 2" cvt snorkels, on the first test run after I got the bike running my old belt(which was cracked...
  4. Parts For Sale
    I replaced the factory skid plates on my 2012 Grizzly. I currently have all of the factory pieces. Willing to sell together or separate. $20 each + shipping
  5. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Is anyone running the oem rear wheels on front instead of buying a new set of wider rims ? I have stockers but wanting to run wide tires on front... Wondering if I can get some oem rears for the front Thanks
  6. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    I've asked the question here. I've combed the internet. I get conflicting info. Does anyone know FOR CERTAIN what the dimensions of the OEM wheels are on a 2014 Grizzly 700? I've heard the rears were 12/8, or 12/7.5 I've heard the rears are 2+5 offset (!) or 5.25+2.25 offset (!) I've heard...
  7. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    With bigger tires and bling wheels such a popular upgrade, you'd think OEM wheel sets would be everywhere, practically laying on the ground. Yet I search ebay and what not and find basically zero. Occasionally there's a complete set of take-off wheels/tires. I'm just looking for a set of OEM...
  8. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    hi guys; i had some oem yamaha atv rims given to me for my 700 grizzly,they fit my bike with 1" spacers on it but don't fit my wifes bike without spacers,how do you find out what they came off of, i have the rim number but they don't match any part numbers on the online parts dealers any help...
  9. Looking to Buy
    hi guys tex here,does anyone have any black aluminum oem rims for the 700 grizzly out there,i bent one of my back ones if you do ide like a back one or a set any help would be great thanks tex. 07,700 grizzly 09,700 grizzly 2012,700 rhino all camo.
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  12. Grizzly Accessories
    Guy i got a set of oem yamaha 700 grizzly handguards and mounts and finally got them mounted after 7 months of begging yamaha to send me the correct mounting parts, they sent me 2 of the same side (go figure) anyway now i,d like to put there extensions on them. Does anybody know the factory part...
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  15. Grizzly Talk
    Hello, Is it better to get a new battery from yamaha or are the after market batteries as good or better Thanks Jeff
  16. New Member Introductions
    I have read alot on the Grizzly 660 front drive shaft issues as I have recently run into the same issue. I decided to order a Niche front shaft from Parts Discounters and oem couplers from Cheap Cycle Parts. . When I received my parts I was not happy with the amount of play the couplers had on...
  17. Grizzly Accessories
    Hey guys, I'm looking for a set of of the oem hand guard mounting brackets for my grizzly. I already have the plastic handguards..just need the mounts for them. Like this:
  18. Grizzly Talk
    I know the hunt has been on for years to find the OEM wheel bearings from a normal bearing supplier, but being away from the ATV scene for over a year im hopping there may be some good news? If not, do they come as a set of 2, or just individually? (looking at ordering from bike bandit or the...
  19. Grizzly Talk
    Guys I have found one but it's for the 660. Do u think it would fit the 550? Here are the Dimensions: 42 inches x 18 inches x 12 inches; 23 pounds
  20. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    So I love the width of my Grizzly 450 and one of my front rims is messed up around the wheel stud. I am not paying $100 plus for an OEM Steel wheel.. I know the front rims are 12x6 (4x110) with a 5+1 offset. 1D9-F5180-20-00 --> 07 Grizz 450 1D9-F5180-00-00 --> 06 Kodiak 450 We all know...
1-20 of 29 Results