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  1. General Discussion
    Just joined, I sent some time lurking on different forums and liked this one the best. We bought a new 2014 Grizzly 450 last month and have been having some fun. Today a 125cc showed up on CL and I bought it. Anyway, here are some pics.
  2. Pictures & Videos
  3. Pictures & Videos
  4. Pictures & Videos
    Picked up a 2013 700 SE today after many months of wanting and waiting. My son thinks the tactical black is "killer" and "is perfect for a zombie killing machine" she has a name already -- "Zombie Killer" :rocker: Here's some pics I took:
  5. Pictures & Videos
    *EDIT*VIDEO IS UP* My first ride on the OL2s. They're all business, I broke my left front axle in the first 10 minutes of riding and spent the rest of the weekend in 2 wheel drive. The Ol2s handled that just fine, lol. My fan quit working too so my bike kept getting hot which just meant more...
  6. Pictures & Videos
    Hey guys. For obvious reason I'm new here. I wanted to post some pics of my Grizzly 700 FI EPS. Hope you like it. Moose Utility Division Front Bumper w/ Warn Winch Moose Utility Division Rear Bumper Moose Utility Division Trailblazer Storage Trunk HMF Performance Exhaust & Custom skid...
  7. Pictures & Videos
    Traded this for the raptor Momma bought the warrior for me for father's day, nothing compared to my stroker I had
  8. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hello, I just finished relocating my rad to the front rack using a kit from Wild Boar ATV. While I was doing this I figured I'd buy a new Rad and Fan kit as mine were looking rather worn. So I've installed everything and got 'er running again but the fan is doing some funky things. It seems to...
  9. Grizzly Talk
    I found a way to replace the servo motor only on the newer 700's. Some of you may remember my older post about replacing them in the 02-08 660's. While I can still can get those motors as well. I finally got the newer servo motors back from the machine shop. The newer ones fit the following...
  10. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Well the time has come to finally re-locate my radiator. But I don't really wanna drop $200 on a kit and was wanting to see some home made jobs. Not so much the front plates, but more of the brackets and what not.
  11. Grizzly Talk
    Hey everyone finally got some pics of my 2011 grizz 450 added to the site. Go check them out
  12. Pictures & Videos
    Spent two days out at Mud Muckers before Tropical Storm Beryl hit. Saturday was real dry and dusty, then Sunday it rained some and got everything a lil sloppier. Met some new folks to ride with and had a great time. NSFW for foul language.
  13. Pictures & Videos
    just wanted share couple pics of my favorite spot to just go relax. It's been spot since I was little kid I would ride my bike to with fishing pole to fish. It's only like 1.5 to 2 miles from my house. It's the oconto river by old train bridge. There is a house in one the pics that's always been...
  14. Grizzly Challenges
    For everyone like me that has racked there brain over snorkeling there 98-00 grizzly 600 here are some pics to help out Just my adventure doing my 99 grizz 600, i call her babe but last night she was being a b!tch, so i got the intake done going to work on the belt box tonight and the brakes on...
  15. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    I'm shopping for a bumper for my 2012 Grizzly 700 and been doing some research. Did I miss any manufacturer? Yamaha HD Canadian Yamaha Moose Bison ATV-Guru Kimpex Warn SuperATV (same as Canadian Yamaha) Fuse BrushBuster Quadrax
  16. The Great Outdoors
    Well I recently purchased the Bushnell trophy Cam and I just wanted to tell you how much I am impressed with it so far. I put it out on 4 April. Yesterday I went it checked it.. I had 2,256 pictures on it !!! Now only 12 of them had deer in them and all the rest were ***** and opossums !!!! But...
  17. Grizzly Talk
    I made this on our cnc at work. The panel goes on top of the air cleaner cover. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Member's Rigs
    Who doesn't like showing off their pride and joy? This time the mods went to my truck. It isn't much but it's been a long time coming. My fenders were rusting but didn't want to pay for the body work so I decided to cut it out, seal it with por15 and slap some street flares over it to cover it...
  19. Pictures & Videos
    I haven't posted pics of my Grizz in a while and got some new stuff for it so I figured I'd clean her up and show her off a little bit. Let me know what you guys think :singing: Dirtskins Fender Tags Tusk gas cap Powermadd hand guards with Rox billet mounts Rotopax 2 gallon...
1-20 of 124 Results