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  1. General Discussion
    Hooray for me! I passed the 1K mark on posts...Not sure of the exact date I signed up, but pretty sure it was in February 2011. That is all... :NIGHT_1:
  2. General Discussion
    Thanks for all the help guys! i love this site and most of you are close friends to me now! :)
  3. Website Help & Comments
    TheGrizz put together this video last year on how to post photos in your threads/posts. Thought it would be a good time to repost it for newer members who are having some issues with posting their pics. Also not shown in the video you can simply go on photobucket and copy the "IMG" code...
  4. General Discussion
    Wooo Hoooo 1000 post since september! Thanks for all the help so far!:wee_hee:
  5. General Discussion
    Holy crap!!! I got 900 post since september! and i hardly get one on the weekends!! thanks for all the help over the time i have been here!!! 100 more to go to 1000 posts!! HEE HAW!! :s_cool::wee_hee::party:
  6. Website Help & Comments
    are there any type of notifications when something happens in the social groups? i don't necessarily want an email, but replies showing up in the "new posts" or a notification in the "your notifications" box at the top. i know myself, and probably many other people, forget to check the social...
  7. Member's Rigs
    OOOOO! my turn! :wee_hee: Here is my brand new (to me) Yamahauler! 06' Chevy Silverado 2500HD 4" lift 35" rubbers on 18"s leather, power everything! but the best thing ever?! I get to go to Moab now! yay Cya guys there!
  8. General Discussion
    When I visit the threads I open several up at a time in different windows and then respond. But the is a 60 second time limit between doing so. It was bad enough the other Grizzly site requires moderation for every post. I thought this place was less restrictive.
  9. Website Help & Comments
    :wtf:I have had trouble editing my posts. If "modify" is the same as edit it doesn't work. Also I've had problems with being able to see the text I'm typing when replying to a post with a quote. The text pops up when I strike a key and then the window slides up so you can't see what you are...
  10. Website Help & Comments
    Is there a way to select to view new posts? I know most boards have a selection where you only view new posts from all sections, but i cant seem to find that function.
1-10 of 11 Results