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  1. Pictures & Videos
    Well finally got all my stuff in today an now cant wait to start putting it all on just gotta wait for my 700 to get outa the shop
  2. Grizzly Talk
    Pretty sure the 700 fits my needs. I know June 30 is supposed to end the current promo for $500 off 2012 Griz 700's and free GoPro camera. I assume they will have another promotion. What is Yamaha's pattern for promo's. How long before they start having promo's on the 2013's?
  3. General Discussion
    Been thinking about it for a couple of months now and finally ordered a GoPro Hero 2 yesterday. Hope to have fun with it when you guys get here. :hee20hee20hee:
  4. Grizzly Talk
    I needed to get my trailer out of the yard this weekend, and with all the rain the yard was so wet (2 inch puddles in front of the trailer) that I didn't want to take the Super D in there because I knew the heavy diesel would leave huge ruts. So I decided to use the Grizz. I went and bought a...
  5. Grizzly Talk
    It snowed a lot here, more than I have ever seen! So I went driving around town in my Grizzly 660, and ended up pulling a ford ranger out of a ditch with my winch(viper 3500lb). It pulled her out pretty easy, just wish I got in on video to show you guys as before I pulled her out there was 6...
1-5 of 5 Results