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  1. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Hello All, I am in the middle of replacing my stator and I realized that the prior owner must have replace it already also (12k miles on it) or it was wired differently for this model year (09') as my new plug specific to the stator coil pickup has a "tabbed" connector and the old had "bullet"...
  2. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Can someone please tell me what is the best way to change the inner, rear boot on CV joint on a 2012 Grizzly?
  3. Official Clutch Forum
    My first post, please excuse me if this is a duplicate question ... I need to replace the one-way bearing in my clutch assembly. The service manual says I also need to replace the clutch housing. My clutch housing seems to be OK. Do I need to replace it?? Thanks!
  4. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Hi, I am new on here and have a 2007 660. Is there any way to replace just the screen on my dash? It's kinda messed up on one side. I wanted to just replace the screen if I could instead of the entire dash. Thanks for any help.
  5. Grizzly Tech Tips
    I ordered the updated (in 2009) crankcase cover to address the stator cooling problem on my 2008 Grizzly 700 EPS. The part looks refurbished to me, but I'm not sure. I just assumed there would be SOME type of finish over the bare aluminum. Would others who have replaced their crankcase covers...
  6. Grizzly Tech Tips
    How do I get to the seal ? Do I need to disconnect the u joint first? Any help and info would be appreciated!
  7. Grizzly Tech Tips
    I have a torn cv boot near the frame I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a wrap around Bolt on type boot if Avalible or can they be repaired ? Thanks in advance
  8. Grizzly Accessories
    Good news... I've had 4 of the RotoPax ECO Fuel Spouts and all 4 have stopped working and broken. If you're like me are sick of the federally mandated (idiot proof?) fuel spout I have good news... RotoPax is having a sale on the standard Self Venting Fuel Spout for $9.95 and free shipping...
  9. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hi I have a 2007 700 hunters edition with the one way bearing that's bad. When going down hill it free wheels so I am sure that the one way bearing is bad. My question is what parts do I need to replace along with the one way bearing. Thanks for the help Tex. 2007 700 grizzly 2009 700...
  10. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    Does anyone recall if one can replace the outer boot without removing and disassembling the inner boot and joint? I watched several videos and one person stated that some axles' outer joint keeper ring was not easily removed to allow the cv bearing/joint to slide off. Others showed a snap ring...
  11. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Replacing bearings in crank case due to dirty pond water. Pulled all bearings and all are open type except one yamaha part# 93306-20464-00 which goes on the end of the axle drive shaft. This bearing has a rubber seal that is in the blind side of the crankcase. Has anyone else seen this and why...
  12. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Recently tore my front inner boot exploring new trails. I got my replacement in the mail. Removed my axle, and I am wondering, does the inner joint come apart and if so, how? Or do I have to take outer joint apart and boot off to replace the inner boot? Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. General Discussion
    Hey Guys, So... My forced hot water gas fired boiler in my rental condo is shot (29 years old - it probably should be right?) Condo is 1000 sq ft. has 55 feet of baseboard heat. 2 floors, end unit, new replacement windows, new slider. 1 and 1/2 baths. So I have gotten quotes as follows #1...
  14. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    I have a quick question for removing the rear shaft seal on a 660 Grizzly. I have removed the rear differential and pulled the shaft out of COUPLING 5KM-17832-00-00 but I can't budge the nut on the middle shaft to remove and replace the seal. I have tried both left and right hand thread rotation...
  15. Grizzly Dyno/Tuning
    I have an 05 660. I was looking on ebay for a carb kit and notice that there are complete replacement carbs available for reasonable prices. Has anyone tried these carbs? Having a replacement to bolt on would minimize downtime(though this time of year it's not a big deal) and leave me with the...
  16. Grizzly Tech Tips
    GR's, I finally got around to replacing the front drive shaft (DS) on the 660. I few months back I made a post about a fix I had made to the boot on the DS and that held for quite a while. Worth reading if your waiting for a new DS to arrive and still want to ride. Anyway I finally replaced the...
  17. Grizzly Talk
    Hello, Is it better to get a new battery from yamaha or are the after market batteries as good or better Thanks Jeff
  18. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    I had been hearing odd rubbing sounds from my Kodiak 450 for a few months now. I searched all over for the source - I replaced brake pads, replaced all of the wheel bearings, and even popped the boots off of the CV joints to inspect and re-grease everything. The noises kept on. Finally, last...
  19. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    I need a new battery to replace the dead one in my Grizzly. it is a 2003 660 Grizzly. Any advice on a specific brand/size/model of battery would be great. My father mentioned Yuasa batteries but before I drop any money on this I thought I would get a few more opinions.
  20. Grizzly Talk
    Ok so....long story short the bolt holding a rear knuckle got bent and the threads damaged during removal. Unfort for me the replacement wont be in until next week, while this weekend I have big plans! Leads me to...what's the issue with getting one that's comparable from the bolt isle?
1-20 of 43 Results