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  1. Trail Talk
    Looking to go to one of the anthracite riding parks . Do they have a daily passes if i buy the yearly from reading will it cover 3 ATV's. Its been along time since Ive been there . Have not made it to AOAA .Which one is better or Bigger.Thanks for any help with this .
  2. Trail Talk
    Heading to Hatfield next weekend. Is it possible to ride from Bearwallow th to Devil Anse in a day?
  3. Home Page Features
    I recently went on an awesome ATV adventure on the backcountry trails of the Madawaska Valley in Ontario, Canada. I love ATVing in Ontario, Canada - the trails here are quiet, the volunteers are passionate and take trail maintenance seriously, and you can visit parts of the country that would...
  4. Home Page Features
    Read more about Get a Taste of ATV Riding with a Guided Tour at
  5. Home Page Features
    Read more about UTV Riding and Trout Fishing in Ontario at
  6. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Hey guys, I need some input. I recently purchased an 09 grizzly 550 EPS. This is my first ATV. It came with Duro Power Grips in 26". I've put about 200 miles on the machine so far. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not terribly fond of my tires for our type of riding. I ride with a handful of...
  7. Pictures & Videos
    Over on RnR there is a video contest running and the members (most are members here as well) have put together some great action vids for entry in the contest. There are plenty of Grizzly's along with various SxS's throughout the entries. If you want to check out the videos you can click the...
  8. Trail Talk
    Does anyone know of some riding areas in central Florida? I am new to my Grizz and would like to find some new areas and people to ride with.
  9. Pictures & Videos
    My buddy Dave and me driving on Grizzly 700 and Grizzly 660 the Mary Gregg river mystery trail in Alberta Canada July this year. We have to get back there soon because we where running out of time to finish the ride to the Mystery lake and before that I was running out of memory storage of my...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Is anyone riding arnd of north of raliegh NC.......
  11. New Member Introductions
    So I'm new here and I have a group of guys I ride with arnd my area but I'm looking for new trails and to meet some new riders. I'm near raliegh NC and of course I looked and posted in NC riders on this site, its dead. Last post was 2011 I think. Anyway I'm willing to share our trails if you...
  12. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    This thing seems to run great when trail riding for an 30 minutes to an hour, then begins idling very fast. The first time it happened I couldnt even put it in gear. Then I remembered that I could start it in gear so I turned off the engine and put it in gear then restarted it. After riding this...
  13. Pictures & Videos
    Done some video editing of some of my rides with my buddy Dave ,de result was a 4 episode video of the Nordegg Trails in Alberta Canada been filmed in a few day`s camping out there ,enjoy !! Grizzly 660 & Grizzly 700 riding Trails in Nordegg july 2012 part 1 Grizzly 660 & Grizzly 700 riding...
  14. Grizzly Accessories
    Since this darn winter shows little sign of letting up, here are some ideas for happier cold-weather riding: Hand guards to keep some of the wind off: - PowerMadd Star-series Handguards Article by BillaVista Seat warmer install: - Symtec Heat Demon ATV Seat...
  15. Pictures & Videos
    Holler Crawlers Ride 2/16/2013 - YouTube
  16. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    I have a 2010 Grizzly 700 that sadly I hardly get to ride... A few days ago we got several inches of snow... I could not wait to get home from work and get it outta the garage... I finally get home, go to fire up my baby, bat is dead... Tried to jump it with my jump box, but it was almost...
  17. Pictures & Videos
    A bit of footage from one of our Chili Rides. I was trying out a new mount today with my contour top of helmet) with less than desirable results. i put the mount too far forward on my helmet and it pointed down a bit too far. The screen ended up showing 50% my machine and 50% of the trail. Good...
  18. Pictures & Videos
    went out yesterday to do some ice thickness checks on the trails yesterday. Im going to try and make longer and more entertaining videos from now on. the spring is going to bring alot of mud :boxing: subscribe so you dont miss out. thedevil1 enjoy
  19. Pictures & Videos
    A couple of our rides from Grande Cache last June.
  20. Industry News
    Addition of KLIM enhances Polaris offerings in the parts, garments and accessories market MINNEAPOLIS, MN - December 6, 2012 - Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today announced the acquisition of Teton Outfitters, LLC, a privately owned, Rigby, Idaho-based company which designs, develops and...
1-20 of 122 Results