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  1. Grizzly Accessories
    Good news... I've had 4 of the RotoPax ECO Fuel Spouts and all 4 have stopped working and broken. If you're like me are sick of the federally mandated (idiot proof?) fuel spout I have good news... RotoPax is having a sale on the standard Self Venting Fuel Spout for $9.95 and free shipping...
  2. Pictures & Videos
    I thought I'd share a pic of the mounting plate I made for my Rotopax Santa is bringing me. Normally, I'd wait until after Christmas to install since the mount is technically part of my Christmas present too, but I have a ride on 12/28 and won't have time to mount everything. Yesterday, I got...
  3. General Discussion
    Does anybody got some info on the limited edition green rotopax gas pack. I am wanting one very badly n seem to not be able to find one . Any help would be appreciated
  4. General Discussion
    Well I ordered me a 2 Gallon fuel pack from Rotopax with the GR discount and the deluxe mount. Mounting it on the front or back rack really wasn't an option so I drew up a mount to mount it to the side of the back rack box and cut it out on the water jet. I bent the square part up on the...
  5. Grizzly Accessories
    Afternoon all...Iam looking into the roto-pax system for fuel and storage...anyone have this system? thoughts..pros...cons? NOMAD
  6. Grizzly Accessories
    I've read that there isn't a good mount made by RotoPax for the front rack of the Grizzly 700. Short of removing the rack, what's the best way to mount a double set of RotoPax gas containers? ???
  7. Rotopax
    well? FOR GASOLINE ONLY. 1 gallon 2 gallons 3 gallons 4 gallons what gas? I like pie edit- humm.. the poll disappeared... So what size do you have?
  8. Rotopax
    Spoke with Jason at Rotopax today and he setup a new discount code for our members. You will receive 15% off any order $50 or more when using the code and ordering direct from their website. They restructured their website and company a bit lately and he assures me it is the best discount aside...
  9. Grizzly Accessories
    Has anyone put 2 Rotopax storage packs side by side? Or know of a reason why this wouldnt work? Thought it might be a good option when the fuel isnt needed but extra storage is.
  10. General Discussion
    Do we get any discounts from either one? I saw the post with rotopax but Ive never seen a code. Just curious.
  11. Grizzly Accessories
    O.K. - so I wanted a little more fuel capacity w/o changing from my 1-gallon Jerry Jug style RotoPax to the Lay Down style so I contacted Jason and asked if could FIND any old Green Jerry Jugs somewhere in the back corners of the warehouse and low and behold - Jason says they actually found a...
  12. Grizzly Accessories
    Standard, Delux, or Delux Locking... I can see the obvious benifit of the locking mounts although I am not sure I really need them. What is the difference between standard and delux, and is it worth the extra $ to upgrade?
  13. Storage
    RotopaX ATV Fuel Pack And Emergency Pack Review Grizzly Riders was given a great oppurtunity to review some very innovative products by RotopaX. RotopaX is the leader in many different fuel, water, diesel and emergency products. RotopaX by GREAT Outdoor Products LLC markets flat...
  14. Rotopax
    Welcome Rotopax! The leader in the ULTIMATE Fuel, Water, Storage and Emergency Systems! Rotopax will be providing a discount to Grizzly Rider Members. The promo code will be announced soon!
1-14 of 16 Results