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  1. General Discussion
    wondering if anybody would be interested in buying a jbs 450 grizzly/Kodiak sheave.comes with sheave,blue secondary spring,12 and 14 gram od weights(some wear).to buy new they are 415 USD with only one set of weights.will sell for 275 USD.i am located in Canada but willing to ship to the U.S...
  2. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    Ok, new to these forums but thankful to seek out your wisdom. I have a 2000 Kodiak 400 4x4 that was given to me. It had a newly rebuilt engine and after 10 minutes of running it made a very loud metallic grinding noise that happens continuously. The guy gave it to me saying if I could fix it...
  3. Official Clutch Forum
    My 550 has 500 miles on it. I took the clutch apart the other day to put shims in and a purple spring. When I took the primary off I noticed the grooves around the outer area had hair line cracks. I'm probably going to replace it with a JBS machined sheave since I was going to do that anyways...
  4. Official Clutch Forum
    I was wondering, if I was going to install a machined sheave with a 1.7 shim, would that defeat the purpose of putting on a machined sheave or would I get a little more tourque out of it. Has anybody tried that setup.
  5. Official Clutch Forum
    Well for the second time in the grizz's life I stripped the threads out of my inner sheave. I know this is a common problem with these, but has any body figures out what causes the problem. I am currently running 2mm shims with greaseless weights on a moded outer sheave. outer nut did not come...
  6. Looking to Buy
    Looking for the stationary primary clutch sheave for a '98-'01 grizzly 600. I have the rotating one,it's fine. Anybody got one?
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hody all I have a 660 primary sheave for sale. IT does ahave a couple grooves in it but it would be a good candidate for machining. Hit me up if anyone is interested.
  8. Official Clutch Forum
    I'm looking for a machined sheave for my 2012 550 and I'm wondering which is best for say 27" zillas and mostly trail riding some mud but very little. I was going to do shims but I don't want to lose fuel economy or lose anything off the top end.
  9. Official Clutch Forum
    Hey lads, I just had a coops mod #3 done and a purple EPI secondary spring. I cleaned all parts of the primary and secondary and put new grizzly grease in. Then I reassembled every thing and torqued to spec. Now there is a bit of a weird noise when I throttle down and the bike almost comes to a...
  10. Official Clutch Forum
    I just finished installing my JBS Sheave Kit. It seems to work fine so I'll button everything up tomorrow and hopefully go for a short ride! :s_cool:
  11. Official Clutch Forum
    Well, this was actually a few weeks back. I know some of you have seen it already on the "other site". I had someone here asking about it and I also noticed a few people who either have them or are considering getting a kit from James. Hopefully this will help. I just installed a JBS Hot Rod...
  12. Official Clutch Forum
    I ordered a JBS Hot Rod Sheave kit for my Grizzly 700 on Friday. 16gram weights and a purple spring. Getting excited waiting for it to arrive but I might have to wait a while before I can install it... but dang, it's gonna be sweet! :s_good: I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advise...
  13. Parts For Sale
    Does any one have one they could part with ? Mine is toast!
  14. Official Clutch Forum
    ok i been reading about sheaves for weeks now. think ill have nightmares lol. Need help on my clutch for my 07 Grizzly 700. I had 28'' laws and no issues in mud. put 30'' backs on. never went it mud but can do wheelies in L. so been researching on my clutch. Most i seen did the white EPI...
  15. Official Clutch Forum
    First off, let me say that this will be my first review on anything so bear with me. There will also be more to come, as I just did the install & only rode in my yard and up & down my street. I will do the typing & then try to edit the pics in from my phone cause that's the only way I know how...
  16. Official Clutch Forum
    I just bought a 02 660 grizzly recently and I went into the primary for whining reasons. Im coming to a conclusion that the weights were not put back in, just the covers. If this is the case, is there any possible damage that could of been done?
  17. Official Clutch Forum
    450 grizz,,,27" swamp lites,,,,,EPI blue spring,,,wet clutch spring weights,,,,wet rollers from EPI kit???? I've decided to go with the machined sheave from UTV or Arnie Cooper... Any recommendation either way...will go greasless 12 gram..... dp i need the shim? don't wanna do wheelies up a...
  18. Parts For Sale
    Just posted the Primary Sheave on Ebay guys. 2005 Yamaha Grizzly 660 Primary Clutch Sheave with weights | eBay The wet clutch with housing and 2 used one way bearings SOLD 660 Primary sheave $165.00 shipped (Alaska and Canada will be more) NO broken fins on sheave--I will toss in 2 bags of...
  19. Official Clutch Forum
    just spent 680 on parts. Went riding over the weekend the clutch was making a little noise then the smoke started rolling out the vent. I thought i blow the belt, turns out belt is fine. Fixed sheave on primary had all splines torn out of it. weights and sliders all melted and the wet clutch...
  20. Official Clutch Forum
    Shortly after getting my bike I ordered the whiterhino cut sheave with 12 gram rollers and was really impressed but keep my stock sheave just in case. After seeing everyone with such good luck with James sheaves and the greaseless weights I decided it was time for a change. With over 2000...
1-20 of 40 Results