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  1. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hey Yall, I got my Griz a couple months ago and have been busy with other things. The petcock switch was leaking gas so replaced it and the new one.. yup turn the gas from off to on and your hand gets a dose of gas on it, turn it to reserve and sometimes it leaks sometimes not. I saw some gas...
  2. Grizzly Tech Tips
    hey guys hope ya can help , I seem to be having problem with the shifter on my 2000 grizzly 600 is there an adjustment to the cable that comes from the foot brake? it seems like when the bike is cold I cannot move that damn shifter , but if I stomp on the brake pedal it seems to free up. once...
  3. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    Hi All, i have YAMAHA Grizzly 2011 -700cc, i couldnt shift to any gear from P, what i did is i loosened up a cable for a rear break by the left handlebar and it worked , i took a spin around however without a rear break, i am assuming it must be a problem with shifter lockout pawl since it...
  4. Grizzly Talk
    Hi guys, I've started on a new tech website - just for ATV tech. - ATV Tech Article by BillaVista The latest two articles are Grizzly specific and might interest some of you: - ATV Tech Article by BillaVista - ATV Tech Article by BillaVista
  5. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Does anyone have a pic or pics of the mod they did to the brake pedal linkage or shifter cable to help it shuft better? Thanks!
  6. Grizzly Talk
    Hey guys I have a 01 Grizzly that I have saved. I have one problem left that I can not figure out. I can not get the four wheeler shifter linkage adjusted to where I have both low and reverse. I can only get one or the other. Everything seems to be hooked up correctly and if i lift up the...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Billet shifter and throttle cover with the Yamaha Grizzly bear head logo $55 shipped
  8. Website Help & Comments
    I have a 01 Yamaha Gizzly 600 and I can not get the shifter linkage adjusted to where I have reverse and low gear at the same time. If I adjust it to get low gear it will not stay in go in reverse and vis versa. Any help will be greatly appriciatted. I am thinking my linkage is bent and...
  9. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    I found the gear shifter on a new Grizzly 700 2011 difficult to engage and disengage. Am i missing something? --- I am here:,101.682892
  10. General Discussion
    Anyone know where I can get shifted knob to fit 09 grizzly 550??????
  11. General Discussion
    Can you adjust the shifter? It seems to get harder and harder to shift every time I ride her. Sometimes the Reverse light or Park light won't go on even if I rock it. I wish it would shift eaiser. Thanks Jake
1-11 of 11 Results