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    Just got my new 2019 grizz 700 and ordered a set of STI HD 5 Beadlocks and 27x10x14 Zillas. Any advice on what shims and/or spring to run? Pros, cons, any advice is helpful. (I'm a newbie to clutch work) Not sure if a shim only is good enough or a spring to go with it!
  2. Official Clutch Forum
    Hi, new to the forum. I have a 2016 Grizzly 700 EPS, I noticed in the tight trails it seems to be geared a little high and when I climbed a few long uphill trails it just about wanted to stall before reaching the top. Looking for some more low end torque, I plan on installing a shim and...
  3. Official Clutch Forum
    Hi i am looking to buy an old 2001 600 grizzly . Went and tryed it but it was reving pretty mutch so the guy decided to change the belt and clean the cvt and do the shim mod but after the shim mod and the new belt the bike is doing a bad whinning sound from the clutch and dont know why ...
  4. Grizzly Talk
    Wrong section Delete please.
  5. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    Hi all...I have a 2013 kodiak 450 eps and have 26" zillas (9" front and 11" rear)on 12" itp 212s...I have ordered a shim kit (2-1mm,1-0.5mm,and 1-0.2 shims)...any recommendations on what shim to use...from what I have read on here, I was thinking maybe 1mm...any input greatly appreciated!...thanks!
  6. Official Clutch Forum
    After researching clutch kit after clutch kit after clutch kit i began to ask around to see what was best for my set up. after digging through various information and getting many opinions from very helpful and insightfull people on the site i was able to come to a decision! I was so...
  7. Official Clutch Forum
    I was wondering, if I was going to install a machined sheave with a 1.7 shim, would that defeat the purpose of putting on a machined sheave or would I get a little more tourque out of it. Has anybody tried that setup.
  8. Official Clutch Forum
    Alright guys I've been doing a lot of looking into clutching my 2012 700 and over the last few months I've come to the understanding that your better off putting together your own custom kit. I have 27" kenda's and other than that it's stock. I use the rig to tow some logs, a little trail...
  9. Official Clutch Forum
    Greetings everyone. I was directed to this forum for some advice. I researched a little on here but seems the clutching info is endless. Most of the info seems to relate to the 550's and up. My son has a an 09 450, snorkeled, 2" lift, and otherwise stock machine. For Christmas I will be buying...
  10. Official Clutch Forum
    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I installed a 1mm shim and put the nut and washer back on. I started it up to test and noticed that the Cvt (primary sheave) is spinning on idle. When I view other you tube vids it only seems to spin/engage with throttle. Any help or suggestions about what I have...
  11. Official Clutch Forum
    What size. Shim should I install
  12. Official Clutch Forum
    New to this Forum. Looking to put a shim in the Primary and possibly a stiffer spring in secondary. I have a 2011 Grizzy 700 with 28" mud lites and 14" ss wheels. What mm shim do you guys/gals recommend and what color spring? Also does anyone have a link to the sites that sell these...
  13. Official Clutch Forum
    Well I added 2mm shims today. And I don't notice any difference at all. Is this normal? I was thinking that I would have felt a little difference. Is it possible that there is slip in the belt? Do I need to change the spring to feel the difference from the shims? Btw all I want to do is slow...
  14. Grizzly Tech Tips
    Ok I'm going to install a 1.5mm shim to compensate for the larger tires(I'm guessing that would be the right size). Where can I purchase the shim? While I'm in there what about replacing the secondary spring too? Then what color and what will changing the spring do for me? And one other...
  15. General Discussion
    just wondering the iside and outside measurements on the shim to make my own or grab some washers that are the same size
  16. Official Clutch Forum
    So I found a major issue. I know it seems simple, install shims, done. Can't post pics, too dark when I did it. When I pulled off my outer sheave... Just under the roller bearing towards the front, JUST in front of the belt... There was something that didn't belong??? Yep. Full on dead...
  17. Official Clutch Forum
    On your left is a shim from ebay, the correct one for the machine. On your right is a washer from my local hardware store. Inside diameter is exact, thickness is a HAIR thinner than the 1.5mm shim (1 + 0.5 together) Unfortunately it's outside diameter is a chunk bigger. I will be installing...
  18. Grizzly Tech Tips
    I just bought the 1.5mm and 2mm shims for the Grizz 660. Now, I know with the Brutes, you only use the shims to set the belt deflection up properly on the secondary clutch. When I shim the Grizz, does it not have any affect on the belt? I dont want to make it too loose or tight. Of course I...
  19. Official Clutch Forum
    This 3rd shift is driving me crazy. Got off this morning and said "hey what can I tinker with this morning" Well lets just put a shim in my little boys 350. Installed a 1mm shim and bolted everything back together and man was I surprised! Now i'm not doing wheelies by no means but I did notice...
  20. Official Clutch Forum
    I have a shim left over from my 550. Their cheep so I bought some I didn't need. I have a 1mm left over and my buddy with a 660 is interested. Are they interchangeable? Thanks for the input!
1-20 of 24 Results