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  1. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Ha, first time and new to Grizzly riders. Ok might be long story (sorry) I ride a Kodiak 450 and took off for ride when smoke came out from under tank with snow on ground took a bit to stop the smoking and quad shut off. When I got home myself and s/I/l took a look???? The ground wire from motor...
  2. Industry News
    ASHEVILLE, NC (September 21, 2012) - The United States effectively walked away from its substantial investment in a sizable portion of the Nantahala National Forest as a result of a recent ruling in the U.S. Western District of North Carolina rejecting four-wheel drive enthusiast efforts to...
  3. Pictures & Videos
    OK so I took a little differnt approach with this video, hope y'all enjoy it!
  4. Pictures & Videos
    Hey guys take a look at some of our riding. More to come
  5. Pictures & Videos
    I was posting a short clip on Facebook from a recent ride and thought you guys could use a chuckle. My buddy decided he would stop in the middle of a mud puddle to ask me a question and I thought he could use a quick bath instead.
  6. Pictures & Videos
    = the first is me doing some hill climbs about 60 degree hill. the camera i found on the trail last year, let it dry out, some times it locks up so the vid of mike [ my brother in laws brother, ridding a polaris 700] did not save. = heres me on a island, if u want to call it that. had some...
  7. Pictures & Videos
    Youtube said I had ellegal music so they edited the original music..So it might be original or
  8. Pictures & Videos
    Here's a short video of various clips of my track'in season so far. :wee_hee: Can't wait to go rid'in again !! :braceface: Hope ya enjoy it !! :D ...
  9. Pictures & Videos
    The weather has been Crappy since I did a few mods. The Exhaust is still stock . just with a few drilled hole up high
  10. Pictures & Videos
    Went on a little 15-20 mile ride with the girlfriend the other day. Temps were in the low 30s, but overall nice. Been a month or 2 since i been out, found some new trails that were really nice. Just need some snow now. Here are 2 posing pics i took.
  11. Pictures & Videos
    Finally was able to get couple videos to download from my hurley trip. here they are. I ended up putting the grizzly on it's side is this tape, I managed to keep it from going fully over. Got lot of water in the cvt, but drained it out and was able to go more. Not best video as person recording...
  12. Pictures & Videos
    Wasn't much of a test ride, but it gave me a chance to try them out anyways!
  13. Pictures & Videos
    Here's a quick video of the little bit of riding I got in at Nemadji State Forest before I had some mechanical issues.
  14. Pictures & Videos
    Had to get out even for an hour! :wee_hee:
  15. Pictures & Videos
    had alot to do yesterday, so i didn't have time to go for any kind of ride, but i did squeeze in 10 minutes of playing in th ecreek next to the house. i was looking for another way to mount my camera and it turns out that the extra clamps i bought to mount lights on the 550 work great for...
  16. Industry News
    The battle for the 2011 AMA ATV Motocross championship came down to the final round Read More at
  17. Industry News
    Lucas Oil Short Course Regional #4 is Saturday, August 20 REM Saturday MX continues on Read More at
  18. Industry News
    2011 marks the incredible achievement of a successful 30 years of Kawasaki's Team Green program. Whether it's helping fuel the dreams of young dirt bike riders becoming professional champions, supporting the professional off-road rider in quest for the podium, or adapting to new forms of racing...
  19. Pictures & Videos
    Here is my new setup. Works beautifully!
1-20 of 35 Results