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    In today's climate, a snowstorm can fall on you in a matter of minutes cutting off your connection with the civilization for weeks. But when you have a capable machine equipped with one of our snow plow blades and tire chains, you can easily clear out your way moving huge loads of snow from your...
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    Read more about Snow Day with a Yamaha YXZ1000R + Video at
  3. Grizzly Talk
    i noticed lately on my 2013 grizzly 700 that while riding in snow my brakes pretty much fade to nothing. i know its not just locking up and sliding because i can get onto hard ground and still have no brakes. after a few stops on hard ground they seem to come back, i have not noticed it in any...
  4. Grizzly Talk
    :s_hi:New her, been reading and searching, but not finding answers. I'mlooking at buying either a 700 New Grizzly, with 60" blade and winch. OR a small compact tractor w/Front end loader and rear blade Difference in price of $10k vs. 15K, and each has their own positives. never owned a ATV...
  5. Custom Accessories
    I'm trying a new setup this plowing season. Instead of changing to a short plow rope or cord , I'm using a snatch block tied to my front bumper that hangs down in front of winch spool so the cable runs through the pulley then down to the plow. So far on dry run it works flawlessly .The snatch...
  6. General Discussion
    Has anyone run RI Dually's or D2's in the snow when it was falling and when it was already on the ground? Did you need the amber lens cover to prevent reflection? I was riding behind friends in gravel, and had to turn off the Dually's because of "white out" like conditions from the reflection...
  7. General Discussion
    i just got a snow plow for my 2012 550 grizzly it is a koplin x-factor it assemble fairly easy except for the mount on the underside of the grizzly it dont seem to fit unless i do so serious skid plate modifacation there is a u-bolt kit that came with it if someone out there can give me so...
  8. Grizzly Talk
    Hey trying to find out the pros/cons of the front mounted and mid-body mounted plow mounts. There is only like 50 bucks difference in price. Anyone willing to throw out their opinions?
  9. Grizzly Accessories
    My first post so bear with me. Got a new 2012 Grizz 700 EPS and want to start thinking about a plow. I'm pretty much decided on the front mount Warn system. Got a few questions and looking for answers. Does the 54" plow at full angle clear snow for the tires or do I need the 60" plow? I have...
  10. Pictures & Videos
    They opened the high mountain pass last weekend where I do a lot of my track rid'in, so I headed out yesterday to check out some of the High Mountain Trails ... :wee_hee: .... when I left the truck at 0830, the temp was 33* F ... and when I returned at 2:30pm, the temps was 34* F ...
  11. Pictures & Videos
    So woke up this morning and there was 8" of snow on the ground!!:wow: I love Minnesota......:pullinhair: On the bright side of things.. I got to see how well the grizz pushes snow and I am very happy with the results! Very heavy snow today too! And! I got to try out my new plow! :wee_hee...
  12. Pictures & Videos
    We had just had 3 days of storminess & the mountains got some good snow .... along with the storms we had lots of high winds. So my buddy and I decided to "Go Track'in" !! ... :wee_hee: At the elevation we had decided to ride (7200 ft), I was expecting 8 to maybe 12 inches of fresh snow ...
  13. Pictures & Videos
    Here's a video I took of yesterdays ride in the snow. Enjoy!
  14. Pictures & Videos
    Testing out the Zillas in some of the white stuff! I thought it was fun, but I don't know how much the Grizz liked it! Although it didn't complain.:wee_hee: I had set up a pole mount sticking out the front to get a different view, but for some reason it didn't record anything. Probably driver error.
  15. Pictures & Videos
    Went out and found some nice powder snow to play in on the Grizzly and Kodiak on the weekend. Found out pretty quick that the Zillas make a big difference in the deep snow. Canadian Kodiak has already put the order in... she wants some grippy tires for the 450 for her upcoming birthday! It...
  16. Pictures & Videos
    Went up to Rampart in Colorado a week ago. The griz could use some power upgrades in that high elevation snow Here's the vid: Rampart January - YouTube Enjoy :singing: -Kyle
  17. Pictures & Videos
    Well, after five days of storms in Them Thar Hills, and the promise of sunshine today ... I decided to head up & play in the snow :wee_hee: ....... HOLY MOLY !! ........ There's no freak'in bottom to it !! :argh: I got two miles from the truck & spent the next hour or so gett'in my...
  18. Pictures & Videos
    Playing in some snow drifts. Drifts are only places to find any snow deep enough to have fun in. Otherwise its only couple inches on ground :(
1-20 of 85 Results