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  1. Pictures & Videos
    What is the best editing software for" gopro 2 ". I'm looking for one that will be able to convert to different formats in order to burn to dvd disk and play back on most players as well as down load to the inernet. I tried to do this once and the dvd came out choppy and not smooth in playback.
  2. Pictures & Videos
    This weekend is my/our wedding anneversary and my wife made the mistake and ask me what the cheapest thing I would like thats related to me riding the Grizz..Besides her Beautiful self ..:laugh1:I chose this package deal..Its on the way. Here's to my wife..:kisses: She has a Nikon D80 I have a...
  3. General Discussion
    What editing software do you guys use? If possible can u add a link and a price? Thanks Guys!!!:clap:
  4. General Discussion
    What is a good cheap video editing software????:bigsmile1:
  5. Pictures & Videos
    OK, so all I have ever used is Windows movie maker that came with the computer. Does anyone know of or recommend a "free" software program that I can dabble with to make movies? I want to wait till winter before I dump money on a new camera, editing software and computer. Then I will ask for...
  6. The Great Outdoors
    Wanted to know if anyone is using this software, and if so how well do you like it? Been looking for a new GPS to replace the one I ran over a while back, don't ask how it happen. Been looking at different software to use and so far the NatGeo software seems to look the best with the most...
  7. General Discussion
    Hey guys, just a quick update. We are doing some testing with the site software tonight. Things may be acting goofy
  8. Website Help & Comments
    I saw the system bulletin for the new site software vBulletin and I didn't see a way to post to the poll so I thought I would open a thread. If the new software makes life easier in the long run, you are better of doing it now rather than latter. With 133 members conversion might be tough, but...
  9. General Discussion
    Members, This as been talked about in a couple other threads. We want to poll to determine what the majority wants. The consideration are being made to switch from this forum software platform to the new software platform vBulletin. What does that do for us? For starters, it contains more...
1-9 of 9 Results