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  1. Grizzly Talk
    So I sold my 660 today and now its time for a new toy. Gonna go to the dealer tomorrow and see what kind of deal they can cut me on a new 700. I just wanted to see what yall had paid for yalls and see if it was worth it to buy new or just grab one that is used and has low miles.
  2. General Discussion
    Hi folks, well after 10yrs. I sold my 660. I've had back issues for a long time and last fall it was so bad I was in a wheelchair. After months of rehab I'm up walking but decided to purchase a sxs. It gives me more stability and I can still enjoy the outdoors. I'm waiting until later this year...
  3. Useless Info and BS
    Sold it on friday and bought a 2011 800 on monday. Power is not even close and the power steering is head and shoulders better than the grizzly. Will post more after this weekend. this is my buddies 650 he just bought. We are going to see how it compares to the grizz. Sent from android using...
  4. General Classifieds
    Im selling my great condition Garmin 60CSx. Its only been used a few times. Comes with a Ram Mount, USB hookup cable, and a 4gb micro SD card. No scratches on the screen or body, mint condition. Reason im selling is i just havent used it, and just really need some money. $200 shipped to...
  5. General Discussion
    i have a car trailer 20x8.5x9ft high i sold to a friends dad last year in march of 09 and it's now june of 2010 lol he paid cash 4 it i gave him all the info on it but wont pick it up and i need it gone what should i do ? just take it and drop it off at his store he sell used cars...
  6. Parts For Sale
    I have a new Benz silent rider exhaust for a grizzly 700 for sale. I am also providing the adapter to bolt it directly to you stock silencer. The muffler itself at retail price is 159 and the adapter is another 23. I will sell both for $100 plus shipping. If you have never heard one of these...
1-6 of 6 Results