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  1. General Discussion
    My son recently purchased a 99 polaris sportsman 500 stock except for k&n and is looking into tires. He is looking at interco swamp lites and maxxis zillas and kenda bear claws. Heard good and bad when readin into it like puntures on the zillas or dry rotthing and clogging on the swamplites any...
  2. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Look what the Man in Brown just dropped off at my door! Just ordered the tires yesterday and here they are one day later and FREE SHIPPING! they are Swamplites in 28x9x14 and 28x11x14. My MSA Nukes will be here tomorrow or the next day. That gives me Friday to get them mounted and balanced...
  3. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Will these work on my 02 Grizzly 660? I found a great deal on them locally, the grizzly has a 1 inch lift and HMF utility exhaust. I will be doing some clutch mods soon.
  4. Parts For Sale
    i have 4 29.5-10-12 swamplites that i want to trade . looking for 27 or higher laws or backs. they have 97 % tread life still. rode 4 times.. paid 500 for them. im located in georgia in the atl area . text or call at 678 598 4880
  5. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Hi i just purchased me a 2010 Grizzly 700 camo and want to put new tires on it. I rided mostly trail and a little mud i dont wont nothing to aggressive. Im looking at either 27" Swamplites or 27" Zillas. Also would i need a clutch kit or lift to fit these. Any input i would appriciate. Thanks
  6. Parts For Sale
    I have a set of 26" ITP 589 skinnies for trade for 27" swamplites ..located in southeast texas or text ..409-673-8448 i can text pics of them:)
  7. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    First off I liek to say hello everyone. I have a 08 Grizzly 350, and i have the option to get Interco Swamplites on SS106s or Maxxis Zillas on SS112s. Im not sure which ones i want. Both are 26s. I ride on dirt and in mud mainly and some pavement. Basically I ride on pretty much everything. I...
  8. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    I finally got my wheels and tires.
  9. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    This is cool... Never heard a site for just Griz riders... Awsome. Anyone ever heard of 26" swamplites on a stock '07 450? Think that they would fit, be too much for the quad, any thoughts or advice? Thanks
1-9 of 9 Results