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  1. General Discussion
    I know they burned a lot of people not too long ago, as well as GR as a whole, but found this info through a atv camping blog: Tamarack now under original ownership. Seems like it was a recent change over. Perhaps the previous new owners realized making junk equipment wasn't gonna work, or the...
  2. General Discussion
    OK, A few weeks ago I was involved in a dialog of posts back and forth about Tamarack sending me several "defective" Classic Boxes back in December. WELL, This morning, I called Tamarack to discuss this with them one more time and to give them the opportunity to do the right thing. WELL, I...
  3. . Members, It comes with deep regret that we will no longer be supporting Tamarack ATV accessories nor will they be the Title Sponsor of the Grizzly of the Month contest. When the contest was first announced in early January we contacted Tamarack to probe their interest in...
  4. Grizzly Accessories
    Well since I had to cancel my dipped box due to waiting 3 Months and them giving me the run around after 5 phone calls, I finally told them to ship me a black one with the foam kit. Well after a week I finally received my box (made very well) but they told me my foam kit would be mailed the 3rd...
  5. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Voting
    Here are the 18 contestants for the Month of May. Voting will be open for 5 days... ponti1 Grizzlyman660 astainback theracingsponge guru98 Simard jeep 98 outinnavy tpengineer41 bluesmanjesse srgrizzly700 gregert12 UpstateNYGrizz Gusman smoke660 Grizz4x4...
  6. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Entries
    Now that the weather has turned from snow to rain and there seems to be mud everywhere, I am sure everyone is ready to get back on the trails and into the slop! Hopefully a few of you have been out in the past few weeks and taken some great pics for this months contest. Entry thread will be open...
  7. Pictures & Videos
    :wee_hee: First of all I would like to give a BIG thanks to Tamarack for their generous sponsorship of our newly refined Grizzly Of The Month contest! I would also like to thank the all the Grizzly Riders staff members who were involved in putting out this new contest for all G.R members to...
  8. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Winners
    2011 Grizzly of the Month Winners
  9. General Discussion
    Do we get any discounts from either one? I saw the post with rotopax but Ive never seen a code. Just curious.
  10. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Winners
    Congratulations to GRIZZLY77 as the winner of the April Rigid Industries GOTM winner.
  11. Grizzly Accessories
    im kind of interested in this box for my grizz and was wondering if anyone else is/has used it and have a pic of it on i think it would kinda look mean with the V and the front end on the grizzly.
  12. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Voting
    Here are the entries for Aprils contest. Voting will last for 5 days. ponti1 Pamiller450 JHFWIC srgrizzly700 CharlieHo NJ09Grizz UpstateNYGrizz Griz660 Gusman Muckboy Ohio grizzly Hammer07 Jasson686grizzly MzGrizzs660 outinnavy GRIZZLY77 frednitney HardcoreSlot...
  13. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Entries
    Who is ready for this months contest? Been seeing a lot of members finally getting out to ride over the past few weeks and I know their are a few members with some great pics from this past weekend down in WV. So lets get the ball rolling! Their have been 2 changes to the rules which the members...
  14. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Winners
    Congrats to NCMudman for winning the March Rigid Industries GOTM Contest! :clap:
  15. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Voting
    Here are you contestants! We have another tough choice since all the pics are great. Voting will take place for the next 5 days. Good Luck Everyone :wee_hee: GrizzlyMan660 NCMudman 1022sniper srgrizzly700 dwanton1 CharlieHo mazzei92300 gwrgrizz700 merky1761 GRIZZLY77...
  16. 2011 Grizzly of the Month Entries
    Another month has passed and once again it's time for the Tamarack Grizzly of the Month Contest. I have heard rumors of a few members secretly with holding pics from their posts in preparation of this months contest :Shh: As always this contest is all about you, the Members so post up and have...
  17. Grizzly Accessories
    I thought everyone would like to see the new camo choices that they offer.
1-17 of 32 Results