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  1. Member's Rigs
    WELL. Battery in the truck is dead again... I havent been driving it much lately as gas is $$$$$ and Grizz hasnt needed carted around for a whle... Any suggestions on a tender for full size trucks? Preferrably somthing weather proof as the truck is parked outside with little shelter. Thanks...
  2. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Got a new grizz (1 month old). Went out yesterday morning and the battery is dead. Plugged in my battery tender and let it run all night. This afternoon it still won't start. Will the tender charge it if it's completely dead? If I need to use a regular charger can I just attach it to the...
  3. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    Got the new 700 Grizz. Manual says battery is a Valve Regulated Lead Acid type and must be charged with a constant voltage battery charger. I have a XPOWER Charger2 by Xantrex, (battery tender). Would this be a constant voltage type?? The manual for the charger does not indicate that, says...
1-3 of 3 Results