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    I have a 2005 Grizzly 660. I just replaced my display. Anytime I am moving it reads 0 mph. I have confirmed that the three wires, one ground, one to the CDI, and one to the meter, are good. Is there a way to test the speed sensor?
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    test test test dm
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    First off, let me say that this will be my first review on anything so bear with me. There will also be more to come, as I just did the install & only rode in my yard and up & down my street. I will do the typing & then try to edit the pics in from my phone cause that's the only way I know how...
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    So, as I mentioned, my "new" 700s are pretty high mileage. Took them out today with my girl for their first ride (and her first ride). She's putted around the neighborhood on my 450, but never any actual riding. So I was very interested in seeing how the 700s and the girlfriend would perform...
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    First thing I have to say, is that there are no Yamaha's in this video!! A couple people had been asking us to post up some video from the new GoPro Hero HD 2 set on the 720p 60fps setting. So, here it is! The little camera seems to do a good job. Hope you like it! Watch in HD for the full...
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    I am testing a new video server. We have wanted to control the content of out video for some time now and this may be the answer. Please give feedback and ignore the resolution. I uploaded it as light as possible to speed things up a bit.
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    OK, I know this is a Grizzly Forum. But as most of us know there has been no significant changes in the Grizzly for some time now. Being in the business of liking to try new machines and being a just as big a fan of Kawasaki as I am of Yamaha I decided to give the 2012 Kawasaki Brute Force...
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    Well, I know, this is a Grizzly website. But we are all among friends right? And do not bash my grammar either as this is just off the cuff and I have not proofed it. I was cruising by the local dealer and saw one sitting out the other day. I had to stop an get a picture...or two. Closer...
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    How long did you have to look before realizing you would already be dead?
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    Stock Dual Purpose Bike Race Ready, Staff Not So Much! March 16, 2011 - Corona, CA - As the Fred Andrew's Husqvarna Team raged at the GNCC in Georgia, the boys on the West Coast Zip-Ty Racing Husqvarna Team took a well-deserved break Read More at
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    I have a torn boot on my axel shaft, I have read the threads on the subject and know it is a pain in the a** to replace. I have a buddy that has had success with a sika flex adhesive, so I tried it. I will let everybody know how the product holds up but here are a few pics of the fix. L8er
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    I have been real bored lately without being able to ride but looks like this weekend I'll finally be able to get back out on the trails. I thought I would mess around with the Adobe software for a final test before the WV trip. I took clips from over the past year and a half or so and threw...
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    The guy I bought my grizz from told me the winch didn't work so this isn't a new problem but I would like to make sure I do need a new winch. The previous owner told me he replaced the solenoid and switch and I believe he told me it worked for a few minutes than stopped so he gave up. I'm sure I...
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    I put together a test video with my oldest granddaughter today. :s_cool: I'm not sure who got a bigger kick out of putt'in this together ... but we were hav'in a ball :s_laugh: ....hope ya enjoy it & some of the affects !!! :wee_hee:
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    Just a small test video. I know it's kinda rough, give me a break! Btw, thanks for the help
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    OK, you all can blame Hemi for posting test video's :braceface: ..... and you can blame Butch fer teach'in me tricks for tunes :D So ... here are two videos' ... the video's are the same, but the first one the tunes are AC/DC - The Razors Edge ..... the second video, I used Rob Zombie -...
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    Before! After! Enjoy
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    Best of my first day on the trail with the new helmet cam. Enjoy
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    Second crack at this. This video is still on the 717 trail system tho this section of trail is shot in the Hamen Fire burn area. (Colorado largest recorded Forest Fire 2001) Enjoy!
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    Just uploading a quick video I made today riding around my neighborhood. I got the Drift XD170 video camera and was testing it out. I used Movie Maker to edit the video. I would like to use Adobe Premier Pro CS4 but haven't figured out how to use it yet. LOL.