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  2. General Discussion
    '11 Grizz 700 here. Since I've got some warm weather these next couple days I've decided to start the bike after about a year of just sitting. Took out the plug and sprayed a good amount of fogging oil on top of the piston to help lubricate things. After about a minute of letting it soak...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey how's it going guys I'm new to the forum and just seeing how things work mainly. I also have a question what would you guys recommend winch wise for my 02 660. I like to have something reliable, stout, and if at all possible nothing priced to outrageous. anxious to hear back!
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  5. Grizzly Electrical & Lighting
    I need a real waterproof switch for my Rigid D2s. I am done with the Rigid rocker. What are the best options??
  6. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    well, the stock dunlaps made it 10 years, so it was more than time to replace them. I was debating between the Radial Reptiles and Grim Reapers... price ended up sending me in the direction of the 27" Reptiles, they were $100 less for the set. I rode a few miles on them and they handle so much...
  7. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    I am not q complete idiot but I may have second guess that after I tell yall this ... Bought a 2000 griz 600 the piston skrit blew up and sent a bunch o metal into the bottom. So I bought itreal cheap I took everything apart than I made my first mistake broke a motor mount off the l case got a...
  8. Grizzly Engine & Transmission
    I got a Grizzly 700 and every time i open my gas tank its like it have a pressure in the tank i hear a pishhhhh its like it built a pressure in the tank !!!:smiley_confused1::smiley_confused1::smiley_confused1:
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  10. Pictures & Videos
    Hey guys... I am thinking about letting the Olympus Stylus Tough camera go.. well, at least.. retire it from ATV duty. I really want better video footage and pics when riding. I am actually thinking about taking the Olympus for taking still pictures and getting a better video camera for...
  11. Grizzly Talk
    The 2013's are hitting the floor. Have an out the door price for a 2013 camo Grizz 700 EPS of $9,400. About $700 more for a Brute 750 EPS. Still going back and forth between the Grizz and Brute. Will not be racing or mudding on purpose. Mostly hunting (hills and low land), food plot...
  12. General Discussion
    OK Guys I'm on the verge of something here that makes me sad and happy all at the same time, I've worked out a potential good deal on a nice used RZR but the only way I can make it happen is to sell the Grizzly(sad part). Almost all my riding buddies are now riding SXS's mostly RZR's and my...
  13. General Discussion
    First let me say I hope it's the last time, but I rolled my grizz for the first time on monday. Ouch! :pullinhair:While banged up quite a bit, I'm very lucky to report no real injuries. I have road rash all over my back, more like rock/stumps/and brush rash LOL, and both my knees are scabbed up...
  14. Grizzly Tech Tips
    The park and reverse light on at the same time and its sputtering . it wasnt the other day when i put in the battery , but i didnt test drive it either . i did notice my winch isnt working also . im starting to suspect a problem with my accessories hook up to my battery . i may have made a...
  15. Pictures & Videos
    Well I finally got my boot fixed on my axle and put it back together and had to put the Misstress to work... She has to earn her keep somehow!! Hauling gravel to spread. The Grizz just laughed at this load.... It could handle more than what this trailer could! And of Caorse m little boy helping...
  16. Pictures & Videos
    Kept this one in raw form..We found a dead Cow Carcus that cyote's had killed..My daughter kinda got worried..:laugh1:I'm giving her pointers on riding.. She is getting more and more Brave..Gotta keep her grounded.. not sure why only a link popped up on this one..copied and pasted like the rest..
  17. Pictures & Videos
    I hope everyone sees this that was there and not there..We had a heckuva good time..Enjoy !!
  18. Pictures & Videos
    rockycreekmovie - YouTube Four of us went out wheeing on private land, my father, uncle, cousin and myself... all with grizzly 700s. First time editing video using VideoPad free editor and the Contour ROAM on 30fps. the one camera is going back to them for a recall due to constantly low...
  19. Grizzly Tire & Wheel Combos
    Ok my wife is about to pull the trigger on a set of treads for my grizz 450. Since I got 2 big truck plugs in the sidewall over this past weekend..She is going to try and budget it on..:wee_hee: I'm wanting to get radials..I can't squeeze the rims in yet it being christmas for the kids and...
1-19 of 62 Results