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  1. Pictures & Videos
    Well finally got all my stuff in today an now cant wait to start putting it all on just gotta wait for my 700 to get outa the shop
  2. The Great Outdoors
    Well guys I got my ccw permit in the mail today. Feels sweet to have. Now I can carry gun, or knife concealed. I also got a new handgun also. A cz-usa c75 p-07 duty. Sweet gun. It's 9 mm with 17 round mag, and came with there tactical light. Haven't picked it up yet cause of the wait period. I...
  3. General Discussion
    Do you patriotic duty and vote! Vote to protect your rights as Atv loyalists vote to protect your family and this great country we live in!!! This message is sponsored by the campaign for a 2up Grizzly!!!
  4. Grizzly Talk
    So I sold my 660 today and now its time for a new toy. Gonna go to the dealer tomorrow and see what kind of deal they can cut me on a new 700. I just wanted to see what yall had paid for yalls and see if it was worth it to buy new or just grab one that is used and has low miles.
  5. Grizzly Talk
    Took a quick trip to Mud Creek atv park in Jacksonville tx today. apparently, Murphy came along too. Hit a few good holes, explored the trails etc. Ran into some guys that were there for the first time, same as me. tagged along with them for awhile, not hitting any real bad holes. About 1/2 thru...
  6. Pictures & Videos
    Here are some pics: Zenfolio | RJDpics | Sullivan County Trails
  7. Grizzly Accessories
    got my fender extenders. pics to come after install
  8. Pictures & Videos
    Haven't had a chance to edit the video yet, but here are some pictures from today. I think the link should work. Found something pretty cool! Bluett Lake Area May 5 2012 | Facebook
  9. Pictures & Videos
    Well I decided after seeing Hemis' post that I too needed a new helmet. My old one is 12 yrs old and pretty beat up and doesn't really fit anymore(Too big). I like the styling of an offroad helmet but also wanted the ability to drop the shield to block the wind,especially in the winter months...
  10. General Discussion
    Well I know I'm gonna catch hell for this from y'all but I made a little upgrade in horspower today. A buddy of mine asked me if I'd be interested in a trade if I would put in $1500 boot money and my Grizz towards his quad (he's in need of some quick $ for a little legal issue). So I figured...
  11. Pictures & Videos
    I bought a new helmet today, a teaser pic till I can do a complete review. :bigsmile1:
  12. Pictures & Videos
    Well I finally got my boot fixed on my axle and put it back together and had to put the Misstress to work... She has to earn her keep somehow!! Hauling gravel to spread. The Grizz just laughed at this load.... It could handle more than what this trailer could! And of Caorse m little boy helping...
  13. General Discussion
    Well I ordered me a 2 Gallon fuel pack from Rotopax with the GR discount and the deluxe mount. Mounting it on the front or back rack really wasn't an option so I drew up a mount to mount it to the side of the back rack box and cut it out on the water jet. I bent the square part up on the...
  14. Pictures & Videos
    The wife, a friend, and I went on a little tour of Kane Springs Canyon A.K.A kane Creek Canyon from bottom to top (backwards). I hadn't ridden anything that tough before. Turned out to be a little above my and the person that I was with riding skills. I don't think the pink flag had anything to...
  15. Pictures & Videos
    Many of you know I am in Indianapolis at the Dealer Expo. I got to meet someone today. I gotta say, what a nice lady.
  16. General Discussion
    Being an IT nerd during the week doesn't usually bring scars... But climbing a ladder to hook up a fiber jumper without looking up helped me add character to my bald noggin... It looks worse than it was, but there was a lot of blood... Guess I should start wearing a helmet at work too...
  17. Industry News
    RacerTV joins the NBC Sports line-up in 2012 Morgantown, W. Va. (January 2, 2012) - Racer Productions is pleased to announce today's launch of NBC Sports Network, formally Versus Network, as the official place to watch RacerTV 's coverage of the Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series, the...
  18. General Discussion
    Met 09800rxt and outinnavy for a ride today in ramey pa. It was a nice day for a ride and had a great time. There were others there to, I'll let them fill in who all was there. 4x4s, sport atvs, sxs's, I'll try to post some pics, 09800rxt on his ca am, Navy on his grizz. A a group pic. On the...
  19. General Discussion
    Just bought a rzr for the parents. It's a 2010 rzr le with eps. Besides it has less gc than my civic Its pretty fun!! It's no grizzly or canam but the power impressed me. Here's some pics. Sent from my ADR6400L using Tapatalk
1-20 of 85 Results