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  1. Kodiak/Big Bear/Bruin/Wolverine Discussion
    After someone crashed my 2000 Yamaha kodiak 400 altramatic into a tree (front tire hit and bent rim, wheel bearings destroyed but frame took no damage) my front drive shaft began moving in and out while turning the back wheels forward but not in reverse. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hi pinnacle tree, welcome to the forum! Why not make this your first post and introduce yourself to us?
  3. Trail Talk
    Hunter must have had a 44 mag in one hand and cameral in the other hand. This guy is cool, calm and collected. lol: :what: Curious bear takes a step too far, quick question defuses the situation. [VIDEO]
  4. Pictures & Videos
    We took my Kodiak and the old Honda for some trail maintenance. Some trees had fallen across the trails and we thought we may as well strap the GoPro to the helmet and the chainsaw! I think Cubbee could have cut the logs into smaller pieces, man they were heavy!
  5. Pictures & Videos
    Well this is for the deer hunters its long but I like it. All this video was filmed with a flip video camers thats why the quality sucks so bad. Im hoping for a new camera for christmas this year. All the video of the deer is from this fall hunting .Mothernature really gave me a show. I got a...
  6. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    Hey everyone, first post here. Have you guys seen these Fender sets on eBay? Their Real Tree Hydro Dipped OEM fender sets for $199.99 eBay Item number 250630249290 At first I was thinking theres got to be a catch cause these from was over $600.00! But I crossed my...
  7. Pictures & Videos
    posting some pics of collecting maple tree sap for making maple syrup. putting up couple pics: pic 1 & 2 collecting from pails in the woods. pic 3 of collecting sap from the pipeline system which dont have pic of the system. pic 4 is of my container on the quad being emptied through filter.
  8. Pictures & Videos
    Well snuck out of work for a couple of hours to test my elkas and while coming around a turn I slid into a tree due to this ice crap we have left on the trails. I was probrably only doing like 15mph but I now definitely need a new front rack. It bent down and back and I cant get it to straighten...
1-8 of 8 Results