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    Five steps to a cleaner UTV Unlike some folks who buy a cool off-road vehicle like a Jeep or a truck, but then they never take it off road to avoid getting it dirty, UTV drivers don't have that issue. We like to get dirty. Most of us don't swerve to miss a mud pit and for most, the thought of...
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    We take to the skies in a UTV that flies Next level is a term thrown around a lot every time a manufacturer introduces a new vehicle platform to the market. Typically that translates into a boost in horsepower and more suspension travel. But a flying UTV takes next level to the next level...
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    Read more about UTV Riding and Trout Fishing in Ontario at
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    Read more about the 2015 ATV and UTV Shocks Buyer's Guide at
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    Read more about the Is Yamaha Working on a Pure Sport UTV? at
  6. General Discussion
    Hey Guys, This is Steve with RZ mask, Hope all is well !! I'm looking for a rack for my F350 full sized truck to put a RZR 900 4 seater with a 107" wheelbase on it?? Could use your input Thanks
  7. Official Clutch Forum
    I have been reading this site and others for a few days now. Lots of good information but would like to hear opinions on my set up and opinions before I begin/order. I'm looking for that low end grunt and dont want to loose my top end speed either. I plan on going with UTV inc. 660 machined...
  8. Industry News
    Minneapolis, March 11, 2013-Thirteen side-by-sides, including Jagged X's Matt Parks and Jason Spiess in their 1932 Jagged X/Polaris RZR XP 4 900, lined up for the first SCORE race of the season, the San Felipe 250. The race was the inaugural race for the "Pro UTV" class in the series and when...
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    Las Vegas, NV (1/14/2013)* GPS Offroad Products, supplier of performance ATV & Side by Side tires and wheels, announces the launch of their brand new location and online retail store. Ty Zimmerman, former General Manager of DWT, has taken his extensive knowledge of ATV and Side by Side products...
  10. Official Clutch Forum
    450 grizz,,,27" swamp lites,,,,,EPI blue spring,,,wet clutch spring weights,,,,wet rollers from EPI kit???? I've decided to go with the machined sheave from UTV or Arnie Cooper... Any recommendation either way...will go greasless 12 gram..... dp i need the shim? don't wanna do wheelies up a...
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    PLACERVILLE, CA** MARCH 10, 2012:* The 2012 Dirt Riot Mountain Series will be at AreaBFE in Moab, Utah on April 7, 2012, the big Saturday of Easter Jeep Safari.* Pit Bull Tires has stepped up to offer a $2,500 cash purse for the UTV Class. Mike Green, president of Pit Bull Tires, states, "Pit...
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    Off-Road Hub ---> Your Off-Road Information Engine
  13. Trail Talk
    My top 3 riding destination is: 1. Moab 2. Paiute Trail 3. Race the Baja 500 /1000 (if I were 30 lbs lighter, better shape & 5 years younger.) What's your top 3 rides?
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    Morgantown, W. Va. (January 6, 2012) - Follow the fastest UTV Racers in the country as they compete in the Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series, America's Premiere Off-Road Racing Series. Watch as factory-supported teams of two, (driver and co-pilot) race UTV's through the mud, rock and...
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    Parks wins championship Minneapolis, Dec. 7, 2011-The Henderson 250 was the last race of the six-race [...] Read More at
  16. General Discussion
    Good afternoon. I'm Angie with No Limit Wheels and might I first say you all have a great site/community here from what I've read so far. :clap:With that said, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but we are looking for people that would possibly be having a Grizzly on display...
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    STI Tire & Wheel is transforming sand tire technology with the introduction of the all-new Read More at
  18. Official Clutch Forum
    After a very slimy, muddy afternoon of mudbog races in Northholm (thanks Dan !!) I managed to pry most of the cement like clay and grass from the belly of my Grizz, then decided to check the clutch out to see how the greaseless rollers were holding up,and to see how much mud/water it had...
  19. Official Clutch Forum
    I am interested in getting a machined sheave, what all is machined on this sheave. I know the ramps are on the inside but what about the surface is it machined any. How much of a difference does this thing make.
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    Thief River Falls, MN (7/26/2011) - Inspired by the unforgiving terrain of the Baja 1000, engineered to attack the gnarliest obstacles with precision and control, and crafted in America by a company dedicated to performance and quality, the all-new Arctic Cat Wildcat V-Twin 1000 H.O. debuts as...
1-20 of 38 Results