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  1. General Discussion
    I was reading that some people are not to happy that there isn't a whole lot of activity on here so I'll throw a few things out there. Like my title says, if any of you have or know of videos of changing-flushing the radiator, and also the differentials, and hey why not, how to clean the belt...
  2. Grizzly Talk
    There are many different threads in the forum on members having problems with their 4wd. While there is a lot of information to be found by searching and reading, I wanted to make it easy to be able to diagnose problems with your 4wd. I spent last night making three videos on testing the...
  3. Pictures & Videos
    Hey everyone, I have a handful of videos I wanted to share with you guys. I recently added the EHS big 3 package, so that'll be in some of the clips and some of the other clips my grizz was still stock. Recently met valleygrizz and hes in a few videos as well! Also, if you subscribe, i'll...
  4. Pictures & Videos
    We had a great ride at Brimstone this past weekend. Here are 2 videos that prove it!! :clap:
  5. Pictures & Videos
    Here is the 1st video I have uploaded form this past weekend's Brimestone ride. Stay tuned for more...
  6. General Discussion
    Just a little info, I just upgraded my internet from RoadRunner Turbo to RoadRunner Extreme, I tried uploading my last video to youtube again, on Turbo it took almost 3 hours,on extreme it took 12 minutes, that's worth an extra ten bucks a month in my opinion! RR Turbo 20Mbps Download 1Mpbs...
  7. Pictures & Videos
    A member (Liquid1) has coined a new phrase - "the Butch Roll" So this is a place to post up photos & vids of your favorite Butch Roll moments have fun....................
  8. Pictures & Videos
    Here are a few vids from the shootout in the March issue of Dirt Wheels. In the 2nd video there is a hill that appears to be the same one that poor schmuck rolled the suzuki down in the midsize shootout a few years ago lol.
  9. Pictures & Videos
    Finally was able to get couple videos to download from my hurley trip. here they are. I ended up putting the grizzly on it's side is this tape, I managed to keep it from going fully over. Got lot of water in the cvt, but drained it out and was able to go more. Not best video as person recording...
  10. General Discussion
    :s_laugh:A Co-worker brought up some videos on Youtube. It is called Action Figure Therapy it is some very funny stuff. ILMAO. Just search action figure therapy on Youtube and it'll come up.
  11. The Official "MUD" Section
    I had decided to ride the Can Am this day, had to give the ole Grizz a well deserved break. LOL
  12. Website Help & Comments
    I am having trouble embedding video from you tube. I've tried with the new and old codes and still get no video. Any suggestions?
  13. Pictures & Videos
    Thought I would share a couple of more videos of our new, well I guess we have had them for 2 months now, Yamahas. The first one was from a week ago and the second one was a few weeks ago.
  14. General Discussion
    O.k. - for those of you who already know, i took my son the the pistol range to blow off some steam before his wedding tomorrow. My son has never fired a handgun before, so we spent the better part of the session on gun safety and getting used to how different handguns / cartridges react. Fist...
  15. Pictures & Videos
    These are really just a few raw clips pieced together to show some of the cooler trails we rode. No music, I'll make a best of type video once I feel a bit better since I still have a lot of footage I haven't used. You will hear all kinds of noise coming from my 450, most was brakes from running...
  16. Pictures & Videos
    Hey guys. I have most of you connected to my YouTube account already I think, but I thought it would be a good idea to get all of us in one thread so anybody new can check out all of our videos. I know all of them are not on youtube, so if they are on contour, or photobucket, or whatever...
  17. General Discussion
    Check out this cool video and the many more this cool KID does! :)
1-20 of 48 Results