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  1. Grizzly Accessories
    So I took the motor off the winch with the 2 bolts that hold it on to look it over. When I went to put it back on, the bolts have nothing to screw back into, I tried to turn the winch to see if the alignment moved but not the case. Am I missing something, lol I feel like a dummy but can't figure...
  2. Grizzly Accessories
    I have a 2014 Grizzly 700 and I mounted a Moose front hitch on it. I would like to use a front mounted Warn Provantage plow also. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this combination and if so will the Moose front hitch interfere with the Warn front mount. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Grizzly Talk
    I have a warn provantage plow on the way with the front mount setup. I need to get a winch ordered now and I'm wanting to get a viper. Is anyone using a viper winch and mounting plate along with a warn provantage front mount? I haven't been able to find if the front plow mount is integrated...
  4. Grizzly Talk
    Im in the process of buying the Warn Provantage Front Mount Plow,,any comments about the system and whats it like to install,,I have a 13 grizz 550 no eps with winch,should I get the 54" or 60". all comments welcome and Thks
  5. Grizzly Accessories
    I have a Symtec 4 zone controller and have heated grips, thumb heater, and seat heater installed on my 2011 Grizz 700. I used the Symtecs for my first winter season and all of,the sudden the controller went on the fritz and froze up - no ability to control temp on each zone or switch zones...
  6. Grizzly Accessories
    where are you guys mounting the wireless unit im in the process of mounting it on my 550 as we speak
  7. Grizzly Tech Tips
    ...At the worst possible time. Hey all, I'm not sure if this is posted in the wrong spot or not... But I had an issue with my Warn 2500lb winch on my 05 Grizzly 660. It worked fine the other day, raising and lowering my plow. However, I decided to work Smarter and not Harder when moving my...
  8. Industry News
    Check out the new line of Warn Atv/Utv winches. Warn Industries - ATV & Side X Side Winches This message is sponsored by the campaign for a 2up Grizzly!!!
  9. General Discussion
    So I came across a really good deal on a warn winch XT40. Brand new in the box. I opened the box and every thing checked out so i bought. But I got home I noticed that its for a UTV. Does anyone know if this wil fit a '11 grizzly 550 EPS? I checked the warn web site and they only have two...
  10. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I originally purchased a champion setup with rocker switch. Then I found a bare bones warn winch only. I believe it's the 2.5 xt. Got stuck a while ago and was surprised that it really struggled to pull me out. I wasn't stuck that bad. Is this just normal for that size winch? It was...
  11. Grizzly Accessories
    What's the difference in an RT and an XT30? The Warn site says that they are both sealed and water proof (unless I'm reading it wrong). What gives? There is about $100.00 difference in price.
  12. Member Submitted Reviews
    Needed a winch with a mechanical brake for plowing and using a bucket loader. The MT3000 is a nice winch with the synthetic cable and comes with a tow strap. This is the same as the XT models except it does not have the wireless remote option (cheaper this way). It has lifted the bucket full...
  13. Grizzly Accessories
    Guys- I read through a bunch of posts and did not find what I needed. In the directions it says to remove bottom tie bolt. What is this?? Where is this?
  14. Grizzly Accessories
    I have a Grizzly 700.... Ive heard nothing but great things about the Warn Winch's. What Model should I get and Rated Line Pull 2500, 3000 or bigger?
  15. Grizzly Accessories
    Bought and installed my new warn provantage plow a couple of weeks ago and really didn't check it completly out after installation. Saw a post on here about the plow blade not parallel with the ground when cocked full left or full right. Got nervous and went out and checked this out. Here are a...
  16. Grizzly Chassis & Body
    Hey guys, I purchase the warn plow system for my 2000 grizzly (600) with the only mount (center) theu have available for it. I got it all installed it looks awesome, but the plow will only go off the ground about 4 inches, then the push tubes touch the bottom of the front skid plate and that is...
  17. Custom Accessories
    Yeah - Finished my warn winch, provantage plow install on my grizzly 700 this afternoon. It took me longer than expected and I have to say the instructions were a bit poor but I got everything figured out. It seems to work pretty well. Can't wait to test it on our next snowstorm! No more snow...
  18. Grizzly Accessories
    I am back in town and now tackling the warn pro vantage front mount install on my 2011 grizzly 700. I have removed the two side bolts that attach the grab arms in front to the frame. I then slid my winch forward and pushed the mount plat in behind it and lined up the two downward tabs with the...
  19. Grizzly Accessories
    I bought a warn winch from street side auto in the last few weeks and then applied for the rebate. I sent in all paperwork and also cut out the UPC code off my packaging and included it with my paperwork. I received an email saying my rebate was denied as I did not include the UPC which is not...
1-20 of 55 Results