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  1. General Discussion
    Well the ups man came early today!!! :angel: He came at 11:10 instead of 12:45 :) Well here is a video of whaat you will find in the box that comes to your door. Enjoy :). Wiseco Manufactures High Performance Forged Pistons & Performance Parts for Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobiles, Marine, and...
  2. General Discussion
    I got my head and cylender checked for my 660 so I got a wiseco piston kit with all nessecary gaskets to do the top end. Is the head gaskets any good that come with the kit? also are the rest of the gaskets any good? They say they exceed OEM quality but I wanna make sure.
  3. Grizzly Dyno/Tuning
    anyone have the wiseco fuel management controler for there grizz i put on one and ever since then my bike has been really hard on fuel. i burnt a whole take to a 500 Suzuki 1/4 take i know it will be a little harder but is that hard on fuel normal ??
  4. Industry News
    Millfield, OH (July 9, 2011) - After suffering a disappointing mechanical failure at the previous round in West Virginia, Chris Borich got back on top of the podium with a spectacular win at the Wiseco John Penton GNCC, round nine of the 2011 Can-Am Grand National Cross Series in Millfield...
  5. BVC Racing
    Send us your head and we can set you up with a high compression Wiseco Piston. High Comp Piston Prices 07-09 Grizzly 450 - 85mm or 85.50mm Piston $165.95 02-08 Grizzly 660 - 102mm Piston - $176.55 07-10 Grizzly 700 - 103mm Piston - $218.95 Our Labor Rate is 49.95. If you have any question...
1-5 of 5 Results